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She and I are already married. :)

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Last evening, JD got a call from one of the other doulas in town (a doula is a child-birthing coach that works with the mom, no baby-catching involved). Two of her clients went into labor at the same time. One of the clients took JD's class, so that was the obvious one for JD to work with as a fill-in. She called me at scouts to give the heads-up that she was on-call (Is it just me or is this post hyphen happy? ;)). Around 10pm, JD got the call that things were progressing and the client was headed for the hospital. JD grabbed her bag and headed out the door.

Some time over the night, one of my aunts was in an auto accident (not life-threatening, broken leg, a bad gash in the other leg, a slight fracture of her hip, and bruised all over). My parents got a call from her husband at 4am. They left for B'ham at lunchtime and asked for me to take their pups on their evening walk around 5pm.

At noon, JD was still at the hospital. The fourth and final A/C company came by a little after noon to give me an estimate. Right as they entered the door, Nigel complained that his computer shut off. I guided the A/C guys to the various rooms and heard the Back-UPS chirping from lack of power. I left the A/C guys to investigate. The circuit wasn't thrown. I flipped it back and forth with no change. Then I noticed that the label showed that the fridge is on the same circuit as the playroom. Crap! I called my father-in-law for help, hooked the fridge (via extension cord) up to an outlet along the kitchen counters (which are on a different circuit). Once that was done, I cooked some grilled cheeses for the kids while the A/C guys calculated the estimate and gave me their pitch. As they were walking out the front door, my f-i-l walked up to the house.

We tested the circuit breaker switch, pulled it out, put it back in, and everything seemed to test okay, but there wasn't any power. Everything that had been plugged in was pulled out, so we knew there wasn't an equipment shortage causing a problem. There was something between the circuit breaker box and the outlets. He grabbed Calvin and they went to Home Depot to buy 4 replacement outlets for the ones on that circuit to see if any of them had a short. After each one was swapped out, we would do a test. OF COURSE, it wasn't until we replaced the fourth one that we got power. Apparently something in the outlet the fridge was plugged into had gone bad.

It was now 5pm. JD was still at the hospital and it was time for the dogs to go for a walk. Just my luck, my f-i-l returned because he had left his phone and wallet behind. As he came in, JD called with an update. The baby still hadn't come out yet and she'd be gone a while longer. Thankfully, my f-i-l then offered to take the kids to his place and feed them with KFC while I went to my parents' house to take the dogs for their evening walk.

After dinner, I herded the kids to the car and we headed back home. Harper fell asleep on the way over the mountain. The boys were asleep by 8:40. JD was home a little after 9 and passed out at 10:30. The poor thing had only managed a small nap earlier this afternoon the whole time she was gone.
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Quick backstory: JD is starting a new aspect to her career. She is now also working as a doula. A doula is essentially a child-birthing coach/cheerleader/caretaker for the mother during labor and delivery. JD won't be catching babies.

JD's first client as a doula called yesterday morning stating that she has dilated to 5cm. FYI - 10 cm is when you start pushing. When JD got off the phone yesterday around 9am, we all went into prep for her leaving as soon as the mommy-to-be (M2B) called stating she was in labor. As soon as we made plans with our parents for juggling the kids for last evening since I had a commitment at the scout meeting, I got cracking on finishing a project I've been working on for the past week or so.

By yesterday afternoon, I had finished the project. We haven't heard anything from the M2B since yesterday morning. I am hesitant to get working on my next project out of concern of having to drop what I'm doing as soon as the M2B calls. At the same time, I can't really sit back waiting and then spend the next 12-36 hours away from work while JD is working. I need to run some errands. After that...I really hope JD gets her call so I don't find myself killing all of today doing small menial tasks because of the anticipation of JD's departure.

I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

Fugazi - "Waiting Room (live '88 in D.C.)" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGJFWirQ3ks
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The family is down in Panama City Beach for the week. We spent Saturday driving to Birmingham, where we spent a few hours playing at the McWane Science Center. That place is so huge. I'm so happy that our membership to SciQuest in Huntsville allows us free admission to McWane.

We left my grandmother's apartment in B'ham at 9am on Sunday. The big anxiety for the trip has been dealing with Calvin's increased awareness of his motion sickness. We gave him a kiddie dose of Dramamine...that left Calvin feeling both woozy and excessively talkative. I swear there was a grand total of 10 minutes that he didn't talk on the 4 hour trip.

We arrived in PCB and soon had the kids on the beach. Wanting some quiet, I stayed behind at the house, put away items, and did a bit of household maintenance and improvements.

The in-laws decided to rent a house so we wouldn't all be crammed in Doris's place. JD's parents stayed in the extra house Saturday night and told us that JD and I would be staying there for the rest of the week while they stayed at the family house with all the kids (the only stipulation being that we couldn't leave each night until we had put our kids to sleep).

After being in the rented house for a little while, it became obvious that this wasn't an entirely altruistic act. While the family house is essentially a "manufactured home," the rented place is best described as a converted camper. The ceilings and doorways are low (requiring me to walk around with my head hung down and body slouched), the bedrooms are barely larger than the beds, and I must squat to see anything higher than my nipples in the bedroom and bathroom mirrors. But it is a kid-free zone.

Monday started with a trip to Home Depot followed by several more household projects. The house water filter was replaced. Next was the replacement of the door for the utlity closet. I took the old door apart and helped Andy with templating all the holes and such on the new door. I then hung the new door and was grateful that the latch was perfectly aligned an didn't require any adjustments.

Chris (JD's middle brother) arrived in town Monday afternoon with his two older kids in their A/C-less rental. Shortly after their arrival, we were at the beach. This time I joined them. The surf was nice and smooth with few waves breaking, so I could see thru the water to the bottom even better than usual. I ended up wandering out quite a bit from shore, trailing big schools of tiny little fish.

Once the kids went to sleep, JD and I returned to the rental. Chris decided to stay at the family house for the first night to ensure his kids didn't have any feakouts from being in a strange place. JD gave me a mini-pedi and painted my toe nails purple while we watched Grease on AMC.

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When JD and I first met, I had a bad habit when riding shotgun in a car. I'm a nervous passenger. I love driving but the loss of control while sitting in the front passenger seat turns me into an emotional wreck (especially considering how poor my friends' driving skills are! ;) ). It took focus to control my spasms and my applying the imaginary brake on the floorboard, but I GASPED pretty much out of control. This freaked out JD when she was driving because her mother gasped...but only when it was a real OMG-take-action moment. My GASP was set off by a far lighter trigger and she couldn't ignore my gasps.

JD pleaded for me to stop the gasping. What actually worked was replacing the gasps with saying "Eeep." At first, there were a gasp-eeps, then I started to actually go EEEEP! instead of gasping, then I got to where I matter-of-factly said "eep," and I was finally able to just drop the whole thing and instead just think "OMFG! NO! What are you doing!! I'm going to DIE!" and not bother the driver.

One thing I do is ramble. On and on I'll ramble. Then I'll realize I'm rambling and state that I need to just shut up. My commentary to myself about being quiet or shutting up has been annoying JD. She's asked me to stop. Thus, "eep" has returned to my vocabulary. I'm now rambling, suddenly saying "eep," and just moving on to the next thing at hand. Good husband or pussy-whipped? ;)
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I don't think JD & my how-we-met story is the best I've ever heard, I still think it is really good.

The actual first time that JD and I met was during my junior year at Bama. I was the music director at the college station. This was such my perfect job that I spent so much time at the station that I kept a toilet kit in my desk so I could sleep there and brush/comb/shave in the bathroom down the hall. One day, my “lil sis” (Jenny Puckett) comes by the station because she’s on campus for some sort of conference/workshop for high schoolers that weekend. With her was some girl. I have no memory of her other than she seemed kinda repulsed by me and uninterested in conversation. Whatever, it didn’t matter because I was in a rush to go down the hall and shave before driving to Auburn to spend the weekend w/ my long-distance girlfriend/female companion.

JD only remembers meeting this white-haired (I had it BLEACHED white at the time) guy that was bouncing all over the place and talking a mile a minute. I gave them some free music from the extras bin and was eager to get on my way.

Okay. Now forget all of that.

My Lil Sis contacted me to let me know that she wasn’t going to be going to Bama, but her best friend would. Could I be so kind to meet up with her friend? I took no effort to track this unknown girl down, but (as fate strangely had it) we bumped into each other on campus…a Gay/Lesbian/Bi Alliance (GLBA) meeting one night. I haven’t the foggiest idea why I was there that night (probably begged by John Ehrley since I think this was the only time I ever went to a GLBA mtg) but JD accompanied one or more of her lesbian dorm mates. JD had my Lil Sis’s new address in South Carolina and rushed over to me after the meeting to give me phone number so she could tell me the address later. Not long after that, I was corrupting the poor girl mercilessly.
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Oh, sure. The stand-alone freezer in the garage made it through the blackout just fine. Unfortunately, last night, Calvin went on a hunt for popsicles. He didn't find them in that freezer...but didn't close the door well enough. JD came into the garage late this morning and there was an ice cream pond from the freezer, past and under a couple of sets of shelves, and stretched to the ride-on toys and JD's car.

We had to clear everything out of the north side of the garage. I then pulled in a length of garden hose, sprayed down the area, scrubbed with detergent, rinsed, scrubbed with vinegar, rinsed, and then used a couple of fans to help dry the floor. All told, it took about 5 hours to clear, clean, and re-install everything into the garage. The boys did next to nothing to help us, so they weren't allowed to watch TV while during that time.

Neither of us can really get onto Calvin for leaving the door open. JD or I did the same thing about a year or two ago...it just wasn't nearly as much of a mess.
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The past two days, JD has come up to me at some point and expressed her strong desire to play MarioKart as soon as the kids are down to sleep. Last night, as soon as I left the boys' room, she and I gathered in the living room and played MarioKart for a couple of hours.

The lady is tolerant of my video game playing, but has little to no interest in playing herself. Today, while playing on the Wii with the boys, she came to me and told me how frustrated she was watching the boys race. She wanted to feel free to race on her own terms and the tracks of her choosing...so, she plans on playing it again tonight as soon as everyone is asleep. Hopefully, she'll get some quality time racing by herself between when the boys go down and I return from the Scout meeting tonight. Besides, she needs the practice. :)
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It has been a mostly happy nine years of marriage with my beloved JD today. Now let's see if we can keep this rolling until I slip off this mortal coil.

Sorry, didn't mean to turn all morbid at the end.
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I just told JD that Britney's 16-year old sister, and Nick TV star, Jamie Lynn Spears is 12 weeks pregnant.

Her reply: "Someone pressed the self-destruct button on that family!"
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The other day JD walks into the kitchen. She sees me filling the dishwasher with dirty dishes. On the counter is an empty glass and an open bottle of Gatorade. There aren't any "normal" glasses in the cabinet. My wife pours the Gatorade into the empty glass, puts the Gatorade back into the fridge, and leaves the kitchen.


As she would detail a little after the event...

She saw the evidence as I mentioned at the top and knew exactly what had transpired. I came into the kitchen for a glass of Gatorade. Pulling the last glass out of the cabinet, my anal-retentiveness kicks into gear. I am compelled to fill the dishwasher and run it so the next time someone needs a clean glass the washer would have one waiting. She decided to be sweet and pour my Gatorade for me, put the bottle away, and scoot quietly out of the kitchen to let me finish the chore.
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After the minor contractions on Saturday, things settled down overnight and haven't returned. JD's felt a little worn out (similar to the exhaustion you feel when you have the flu) this morning, but has been kinda perky after her mid-day nap.

I'm just chugging along with the little bit of work I have to do right now. The birth is pretty well timed for this period of calm at the office. Next week, however...

The boys were still acting like freaks yesterday (been off-kilter since Thursday evening) but have been pretty easy on us today. Nigel has been particularly loving; lots of spontaneous "I love you's" and hugs for JD and I.
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Without going into TMI territory, signs started coming up on Friday that Monkey's arrival may be sooner rather than later. Monkey has definitely dropped. JD no longer looks like she has a beach ball under her shirt...it looks like a large beanbag under there now.

After meeting with her parents for b'fast at Cracker Barrel and handing over the kids, we retreated to the house and spent the day in bed resting. Last evening, JD started to get little contractions (20 seconds or less in length) every 3-5 minutes. I retired to sleep in the 9pm hour to further stock up on sleep. JD told me this morning that the contractions started to calm down when she had a bowl of cereal after I went to bed and pretty much went away overnight.

We plan on continuing our coma-like state today until either the kids come home (her parents usually return them between noon - 2pm) or Monkey starts getting active enough to warrant going to the midwife's house.

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