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It is time for me to get new glasses. Ordinarily, I'd just schedule another appointment with the optometrist at Costco. However, I've been having nagging issues with floaters in my right eye that have persisted in my line of sight for the past 6 or so months. It is an intermittent problem and the floaters are just off of center. It was particularly annoying at the end of last week and into the weekend. But I don't have any issues today. I'm not seeing any flashes, nor have I noticed any loss of sight.

I'm wanting to visit an optometrist that I know can talk to me about this issue. I'm not looking to get an appointment with an eye doc that wants to do 1001 tests since all of the websites I've found on the subject says is likely a minor issue. I really just want a good doctor for talking this over.

Anyone in Huntsville with any recommendations?
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Now, wait a sec, don't get too worried. I certainly don't have any alcohol issues (other than having a mason jar of vodka and lemon rind that still needs to be mixed with syrup to make a new batch of homemade limoncello). I have a drinking problem in that I don't hydrate myself enough.

I have been doing a survey diary the past 5 days on what beverages I drink, how much I drink, etc. I've known for a while that I don't hydrate enough, but seeing how sparse my beverage diary has been was a wake up call.

On a typical day I...

1. Fill up a 20oz plastic jug of water and nurse that all day at work.
2. I will drink a tall glass or two of apple juice during the evening while at home.
3. Most days, I'll have half to all of a can of Caffeine Free Mountain Dew for dessert at some point in the evening.

And that is it. Lately, I haven't been eating cereal as much, so that's another area I've unfortunately cut my fluid intake. Admittedly, when I'm doing physical labor, I'll drink more water. However, I don't do much physical labor in my day-to-day routine.

I need to figure out what I can do to help spur me to drink more. Some sort of routine or habit other than some sort of requirement for me to chug some amount of water at certain deadlines. I've tried that before and couldn't consistently get myself to do it.
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I have never hated a grocery chain like I do Kroger here in Huntsville.

This morning, JD wanted to pick up a couple of items that were on super sale at Kroger. While there, she bought me a couple of bags of Dole Fruit Bites. I felt a bit hungry a little while ago and snagged one of the packs of apple chunks from what she purchased. As I was about to throw away the wrapper upon swallowing the last chunk, I noticed the expiration stamped on the little bag - "Best by Mar 10 2011."


I called up Dole and they are going to send me a couple of coupons for free Fruit Bites. They said that the worst thing that is likely to happen to me is a sour or sore tummy if the fruit had started to ferment while waiting on the shelf. I was told that I ought to call Kroger to ensure they pulled any other old bags.

I called up the Kroger and told them about the purchase and subsequent discovery. Cathy apologized and said that the bag should have been pulled from the shelf after the expiration date, but things have been so weird because of the tornado lately. Um...Cathy? These expired OVER two months ago on MARCH 10th. The tornadoes came through at the end of April. These were on the shelf for over 45 days, post-expiration and pre-tornado, and yet they weren't removed. The tornado doesn't excuse it. This is but another instance where the managers of the Huntsville Kroger stores show how poor they are at hiring and training good employees, let alone providing proper management to ensure that each of the stores make SOME SORT of effort to be a customer-friendly place to shop.
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The update is that I haven't turned on Wii Fit since early January. The primary culprit is my inability to get to bed at a decent hour or sleep solidly through the night. Sure, I've had illness that has also made me smack my alarm and roll over for more sleep, but my late nights or overnight wakings certainly get top honors. My routine became sporadic in the late fall, but I was encouraged that I seemed to maintain my weight when I did return to Wii Fit.

My parents have mentioned lately that they thought I looked like I've lost more weight. While I'd like to believe they are right, I've been skeptical because I know I'm completely out of whack on any regular exercise. Yes, I get exercise, but in fits and spurts, definitely not every day or some other consistent basis. If anything, I'm inclined to think that I've had muscle loss that contributes to a loss in weight (not that I had been doing much strength training to begin with).

I did start to think maybe they are right this morning. I was putting on my jeans and my usual notch felt loose. I easily got the belt tighter by one more notch. Hopefully I'll be able to leverage my optimism into better discipline at getting to sleep earlier and actually waking up with the alarm.

So sore

Feb. 14th, 2011 03:21 pm
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No, not from last night's early-Val Day party in bed. ;) I was very sore before that.

My dad fell a couple of trees around the holidays. On Saturday, he rented a log splitter and we split the wood, loaded it in the pickup, drove over the mtn to my house, and stacked the wood there. It took 3 FULL loads of the pickup. I have two racks that are 8' wide and supports that go up 4'. Technically, a cord of wood is 8'x4'x4', so both of these racks being full should equal a cord. Both of the racks are full...as in "heaping spoonfuls" full. One rack of wood made it through this past winter (assuming the worst is now behind us), so come this winter I should have plenty of wood for our new porch firepit and the fireplace.

Moving all of that wood has worn my body down though. I was grateful to have the strength on Sunday to do sound (I have 5 monitor speakers I have to carry from the A/V closet in the back of the Fellowship Hall to the stage and back). Last evening when doing laundry, each of the laundry baskets felt as if they were loaded with logs. Today, my body still aches and some of my arm muscles even tingle a bit. I need to do more strength training. :P

I keep thinking of what one of my friends at church was telling me yesterday. He said that when he lived in Ohio he had a woodshed in the back that held 11 cords of wood and that he would fill and empty that shed each year. And, no, he isn't built like Paul Bunyan.
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From New Years to the beginning of September, my weight-loss was fairly consistent (if not accelerating). I dropped 35 pounds over that period. Then I was sick for a week and didn't exercise. And I was sluggish the week after that.

I have yet to get fully back on board with my morning exercise routine since then. Where I was working out 4 or 5 days a week before, I'm lucky if I work out 2 or 3 days now.

This is a domino situation, IMO, caused by my staying up later at night. If the boys take a long time to get to bed at night, that pushes how late JD and I get around to watching our DVR'ed shows, and then I don't find myself rolling over for sleep until around midnight. When that happens, I'm just awake enough at 6am to turn off the alarm and roll over.

I MUST get back in the habit. While I'm grateful that this whole time I've plateaued my weight has just been fluctuating up and down by about 3 pounds, it is discouraging to look at the BMI/weight graph and see the long slope down segue to a growing horizontal line.
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I wonder if I can find a tiny little container of self-tanner to get rid of the two pale patches under my man boobs.

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There's a time and place for everything. It is called college. This was taken on the catwalk of the Bama Theater in downtown Tuscaloosa...probably in '93.


May. 25th, 2010 12:01 pm
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I've decided to blame my doing the 30 minute run on Wii Fit for the first time in a couple of weeks as the reason why my legs and knees are super jumpy and restless today. I would seriously love it if someone could shoot tranq darts into each of my legs. Stretching hasn't eased the restlessness and I keep looking at the clock wondering how soon I can start nursing a cocktail.

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Here are some shots after my first haircut where the length in back wasn't trimmed short. It feels like my hair is longer and bushier than the pictures show. :/

More like business in front and business casual in back.
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Somewhere in March, I had a few days where I was toying around with the idea of growing a mullet. It has been 20 years since the above picture was taken of me with my mullet. I floated the idea out to JD and had it quickly shot down. We are new to our church and she didn't want to be meeting people for the first time with me having that style. I accepted that and tried to move on, but then a friend of mine donated hair to Locks of Love. The figurative lightbulb popped on above my head.

I am now in the process of growing a mullet for the sake of harvesting it once it gets over 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love. In my doing this, I have registered mulletsoflove.com and will be posting a blog there detailing my hair growth and some info about Locks of Love and the types of children that will be benefiting from my mullet. Hopefully, I should have that blog up and running some time over the next week. Unless I can get others interested, I may have to find some money to set aside for me to get hats and/or t-shirts made up for me to wear. Most likely they will have the motto I've adopted for this effort - "Business in the Front, Charity in the Back" on the front of the t-shirt. I'm checking with Locks of Love to see if it would be a hassle for me to mention their charity. Depending on how they feel about this, I'll either have "Growing mullet to donate hair to Locks of Love" or "Growing mullet to donate hair for charity" (and, yes, if someone would like to provide grammar guidance on the proper prepositions to complete those sentences, I would be appreciative).

I'll update y'all here on any developments.

Thx, WiiFit

Mar. 8th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Last week, there was one night JD made brownies. The next day, WiiFit said I gained two pounds. Last night, we had some choc chip cookies during the Oscars. I was up by 2.5 pounds this morning. It is one thing to "know" snacks at night are bad, but to see that kind of effect really makes the info hit home.

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Ah, here's a chance for me to share my experiences using and endorsing Body Solutions for weight loss while I was on the air in Dallas.

Most jobs in radio have really low pay...but you get a lot of freebies! Businesses that advertise on the station will often provide samples (free food brought to the station, one advertiser gave the whole morning show laser whitening), certificates, discounts, and such (I miss walking into Fat Mo's and Mo or Shiva giving me a free roast beef sandwich or burger). Then there is the payday of landing a "live spot" for a product. Not only do you get the product for free, you also get paid to do the spots. In Dallas, I was the only person on the morning show that needed to lose weight, so when the folks at Body Solutions was looking to advertise on KLIF, I was the lucky guy.

At the time, Body Solutions was saturating radio with ads and DJ/host endorsements. Only loser stations in a market didn't have a deal with Body Solutions. When the company's marketing head had his first conversation with me, he stated that I was to take the products and wait until I had lost at least 8 pounds before going on the air to talk about it. While he insisted on waiting until I lost 8 pounds, he contacted me every few days to see if I had lost the weight yet.

Here is what the Body Solutions package included:
* The core element - the Body Solutions bedtime potion was to be taken right before going to bed. However, before taking that solution, you were to cut off eating food and drink (other than water) for 2 hours before bed.

* Powder for making some "vanilla" or "chocolate" shakes. This included a pamphlet that provided ways to use Gatorade with the vanilla for a orange sherbert flavor, among other ideas.

* cheap pedometer

* Instructions to drink, at least, 6 glasses of water a day

It took me a little over 2 weeks to lose the 8 pounds and to start doing my on-air ads. After a couple of months, I had plateaued at around a 15-17 pound loss. But as my weightloss slowed, the marketing guy from Body Solutions kept suggesting ways to alter my pitch: where I had previously focused on the pounds lost, I now switched to focusing on inches lost; after a few weeks of that, he told me to talk about how I felt about the weight loss or what others had told me; but he was always persistent about air-checking the ads and trying to get the most out of his ads. This obsessiveness started to rub Darrell.

As I was losing weight, I knew that much of my initial loss of weight was due to the fasting for two hours before bed and my dramatic change from drinking juices/Gatorade to drinking mostly water. The shakes, while not the tastiest shakes, were a nice supplement that did a great job of keeping me away from solid food. The big question and what I started to feel more and more was the crucial part of if I was ethically okay with the endorsement was the effectiveness of the nightly solution. When I hit the plateau, I figured that most of the weight loss had to do with my lifestyle changes. I started to lose confidence in the product and the Body Solutions marketing guy was coming across more and more like a used car salesman.

Finally, the shit started hitting the fan for Body Solutions. The company was having financial problems AND they were under siege from a deluge of lawsuits and consumer complaints. When they dropped their advertising, I was relieved. When we received a call about our endorsement of Body Solutions, Darrell and I discussed the situation on the air. I talked about how I did, in fact lose weight. We discussed what was happening behind the scenes with the marketing guy. Then we wrapped things up by stating that none of us had any desire to do ads for a product like that again. Did I lose weight while I was doing the Body Solutions program (product + lifestyle change)? Yes. Was I certain how much of that could be attributable to the Body Solution product as opposed to the lifestyle changes? As time went on, I was less convinced the product was key. However, doing the Body Solutions program helped me to make a lifestyle change I had long contemplated but procrastinated on. Was the product and program worth the price? I no longer thought so.

BUT, when Body Solutions stopped advertising, I did go to the sales person that dealt with them and took a couple of her spare bottles of the Body Solutions nighttime potion and some vanilla shake powders.
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Sometime in my teens, I discovered I could put my right arm behind my head. As in laying my right arm flat against my shoulder with the right elbow resting on the end of the left shoulder. My left arm can't lay flat on my shoulder, but it seems to go further than most folks' arms will go. Through the years, I've used this trick to make queasy those that would place their hand where my right arm connects to the shoulder and feel when the arm slipped out of the joint to allow for the arm to lay flat. I later added putting both arms behind my head, spinning around, and calling myself a helicopter.

A week ago, my right shoulder joint started to ache. I think I've been sleeping with my body in odd positions because I've had lots of similar discomforts lately upon waking. I mentioned the pain to my chiropractor on Wednesday morning. He pushes here, massages that, and did a quarter-rotation push in another spot (yeah, I was a C- biology student). The joint felt better but had that sore muscle feeling that you might feel after a deep tissue massage. Last night, while putting the boys down, I decided to lie on my right arm. I throw it up behind my head and it won't go far at all. I think the chiropractor fixed whatever has been wrong with that joint all these years because my range and motion of my right arm seems similar to most other folks.

I'm of mixed emotions of this. Part of me is REALLY annoyed that I lost this stupid human trick and all the other little things I enjoyed about being able to put my arm in that position (instant pillow, ability to reach more area on my back by myself). But this sort of thing also boosts my confidence about the benefits of my seeing a chiropractor these past couple years (as if my restless leg syndrome rarely flaring up wasn't noticeable enough!).


Easily in the Top 5 things I'm most particular and anal about is the loading of the dishwasher. So much so that I've been known to repack others' dishwashers while visiting if I happen to open it. With the dishwasher JD and I bought a year ago, one way that my dishwasher-OCD has increased is I'm now very picky about the placement of silverware. How difficult is it to put all the items that are located in the left silverware drawer (kids' and "specialty" silverware) into the lefthand basket, all large utensils into the right basket, and in the middle area only put knives (blade down through holder) in the back and segregate to either side of the front row the forks and spoons on opposite ends? But, NO, JD mostly puts them willy-nilly where she wants.


I have a tech/nurse at the Red Cross I'm going to hope is there on the days I donate in the future. I believe I caught that his name is Wayne (no name tag and only heard someone address him by name once), but he is a very charming and funny 40-something, black, effeminate man that drew my blood. His manner during the donation reminded me of the fun Southwest Airlines flight attendants. Before he prepped my arm, Wayne asked, "Are you allergic to iodine, betadine, or muscadine?" (Sorry if that is too Southern of a reference.)


Calvin drew, colored, and cut out a bunch of carnivorous dinosaur heads this past week and has taped them up in numerous places throughout the house. The neatest part of this is that he positioned the heads so it looks as if they are peering through the windows in the kitchen and their bedroom and poking their heads out from behind the entertainment center and of the bookshelves in the living room. I'll have to take some pictures and post them. Both Calvin and I have seen the dinos in the windows in our peripheral vision and thought they were people/things there.
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Head is SOOO FULL of snot. I can't think well at all.


Have yet to finish watching the race in California. I think I'm about 50 laps from the finish. After the boys went down, it was time for JD and I to watch The Amazing Race, I watched some of the race, JD asked to watch something else, and I fell asleep before I could get back to the race.


I'm liking several of the contestants on TAR. I think I'm going to stick with the little stunt guys as my favorite despite the sympathy factor for the deaf kid/mom and my familiarity with Mike White (School of Rock, Chuck & Buck) who's participating with his dad. As long as the NFL cheerleaders don't win, there is a God.


The hair has faded to green w/ a blueish tint on top. The side and back are more green-blonde.


The rest of the house may be pretty darn clean, but the master bedroom is an ABSOLUTE WRECK! Until JD finishes getting stuff set to sell at Kids Market, it will remain a mess.


I really need a non-windy day soon...but on a day that I can actually do yard work. I must napalm the mulched areas of weeds. Also, the henbit and other spring weeds have started earlier this year in the lawn and will need some Weed-B-Gone, too. The south side of the house is in particularly bad shape.


Harper isn't consistent, but she's getting much better about only waking up once or twice a night. Last night she needed attention at 11:30pm and then didn't wake up until close to 6:30am.

Dye Day

Feb. 11th, 2009 10:00 pm
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The Process )
The Results

I'm still debating whether or not I'll be buying more dye and begging Blue for another coloring session. If I'm going to do something, I'm not going to do it half-assed. Turquoise isn't blue. I want blue. :)
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Last night at dinner, I was half distracted with feeding Harper. JD was nice enough to fix me a plate and I didn't want to also ask her to fetch my juice from the other room. After getting some small nibbles of the carrot soufflé, I took a fateful bite of chicken breast.

As I chewed, I realized that both my mouth and the chicken were dry. I needed a drink. Then something else happened. I'm not sure what it was - Harper demanding food, one or both boys telling/asking me something, or whatever. But my "solution" to getting that chicken problem resolved was to just swallow the bite.

Bad mistake! The piece of chicken became stuck in my throat.

I tried coughing it up, but it wouldn't move. I was coughing and gasping loudly and headed to the sink in prep for throwing up and/or getting some water to drink. The kids and JD were now starting to freak out. I bent over the sink - half trying to get the chicken out of my throat and half trying to breathe. There was enough mental awareness in me to realize that air was getting through when I wasn't doing strong gasps. JD came up behind me and tried to do the Heimlich, but I didn't expect much since the chicken hadn't completely closed off the throat. I then calmed myself enough that I was able to focus, get some water in my cupped hands, and drank it. The piece of chicken washed down my throat. After a few more coughs and deep breaths, I was okay.

The only thing bothering me now is that I have a HUGE knot in my left shoulder. There is an area about the size of a deflated football that HURTS. I just tried to relax last night in hopes it would melt partially away from light meds and rest, but I woke up with the pain just as strong as it was last night. My #1 job for today is to use heat/cold and the massager to make it possible for me to turn my head without audibly going "OW!" I would like to drive without shouting in pain.

For future reference, if I need JD to give me the Heimlich, I'm going to need to kneel on the ground.
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JD went out and did the Black Friday thing with her mother. While some Christmas presents were bought, about half of the purchases were for us...just taking advantage of the great sales. One of the things JD picked up was a "family shaving kit" with hair trimmers (w/ different size combs), beard/body trimmer, and nose/ear trimmer. For the past couple of years the hairs near the edge of my nostrils have started flaring out. This year, I gave in and confessed that it was probably time for a nose trimmer.

So, last evening I break out the nose trimmer, pop in the battery, and head for the bathroom. I turn the trimmer on, slowly run around the edge of my nostril for two seconds, remove, and...

Slowly run trimmer near edge of nostril, quickly remove, and...
ah... ACHEW!

The tickling that occurs as soon as the trimmer starts touching the hairs keeps triggering head-shaking sneezes out of me. After the fourth sneeze, I decided to call it a night before I found myself in the ER with a nose trimmer crammed into my sinuses.
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1. I want to have a wake, not a funeral.

2. I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread in Washington D.C. Ideally, I would like for them to be separated and spread at the locations of the three branches of our govt (White House, Capitol, Supreme Court). Due to silly terrorism concerns, I promise not to haunt anyone as long as I'm spread somewhere in D.C. Tidal Basin wouldn't be bad. (Yes, I'm that silly of a patriot that I want this. It was purely my own interest that lead to my doing Poli Sci classes at Bama, and I loved it so much that the next thing I knew...I had enough hours to declare it my second major.)

3. Folks like [livejournal.com profile] bluevinylangel who have known me for a while need to contact JD as soon as I die. I have my filing cabinet with memorabilia and you get first look and you can remove some of the items that pertain to you before the cabinet's contents are available for "celebrants" at my wake.

4. [livejournal.com profile] verticalbar needs to discuss with my dad what vinyl he wants to keep (even though he, too, is currently without a turntable). You can keep 'em for yourself or sell 'em.

5. I want to be wearing my "wedding Converse" when I go. Y'all can do something artsy with the 19 other shoes if you want. Anything to give people a tickle at the wake is appreciated.

6. [livejournal.com profile] auronsgirl, I guarantee that my parents or in-laws have enough space in either of their houses for you and your husband to come down and not incur hotel costs.

7. I have been working on a list of songs for my wake for several years now. Behind the cut is my list as it stands now. I am open to additions but am looking for, at least, 50% of the songs to be mid- to up-tempo. I may add more songs today as life slips from my fingertips. Songs for Cory's Wake )

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