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I'm watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and started wondering who I'd like to see in a new version of the movie. I know some of these folks can sing.

Dr Frank-N-Furter - Hugh Jackman. I would state that John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness) was a close second.
Janet Weiss - Christina Ricci
Brad Majors - Neil Patrick Harris
Riff Raff - Topher Grace
Magenta - Lindsey Lohan
Columbia - Emma Stone
Dr Everett Scott - Paul Giamatti
Rocky - Chris Hemsworth. I know there is someone with big muscles and capable of the blank-eyed dumbness, but this is the best I know. :/
The Criminologist - Alec Baldwin
Eddie - Jack Black

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Sometimes I forget that not only is data entry tedious, but is very time consuming. The work I was hoping to finish this week will likely take another 4 or 5 workdays to complete. My biggest struggle with this copy/paste/edit task is my brain's utter craving for distraction. Even working at the office yesterday didn't improve my productivity. There were several times I found myself standing in front of my US map looking for the city of the caller to Car Talk.

It will be a strictly music (no videos!) day for me at the office today.

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JD's parents gave us Wii Fit for Christmas. After a week or two of sporadic use over New Years (and exemptng the recent beach vacation), I've exercised at least 5 days a week all of this year.

I have written here previously about my frustration of the graph of my weight looking like a frog hopping down a ramp. The key is that as you zoom out and look at the progress this year, it is a pretty straight decline that has no deviations from the trend. :)

I am now at 223 lbs and could find myself at 200 (at the upper end of "normal" for a 6'3" guy like me) around Valentines Day.

Admittedly, this weight loss isn't entirely from exercise. Steadily this year I have done better about monitoring my portions and replacing the amount of apple and cram-grape juice I drink with water. But if it wasn't for the daily body tests, I doubt I would have maintained any control of my calorie intake.

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I wonder if I can find a tiny little container of self-tanner to get rid of the two pale patches under my man boobs.

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Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. List 15 books you've read that will always stick with you. They should be the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.  In no particular order: 1. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess   2. WLT: A Radio Romance by Garrison Keillor 3. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton 4. Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard 5. How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein 6. Original Meanings by Jack Rakove   7. American Gospel by Jon Meacham   8. Tales of the City by Armistad Maupin 9. The Federalist Papers  10. Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth C Davis  11. An Incomplete Education by Judy Jones and William Wilson   12. Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard 13. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain  14. Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michael Azzerand  15. XTC: Song Stories by Neville Farmer 

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When did Elton John and Drew Carey start looking alike?

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The family is down in Panama City Beach for the week. We spent Saturday driving to Birmingham, where we spent a few hours playing at the McWane Science Center. That place is so huge. I'm so happy that our membership to SciQuest in Huntsville allows us free admission to McWane.

We left my grandmother's apartment in B'ham at 9am on Sunday. The big anxiety for the trip has been dealing with Calvin's increased awareness of his motion sickness. We gave him a kiddie dose of Dramamine...that left Calvin feeling both woozy and excessively talkative. I swear there was a grand total of 10 minutes that he didn't talk on the 4 hour trip.

We arrived in PCB and soon had the kids on the beach. Wanting some quiet, I stayed behind at the house, put away items, and did a bit of household maintenance and improvements.

The in-laws decided to rent a house so we wouldn't all be crammed in Doris's place. JD's parents stayed in the extra house Saturday night and told us that JD and I would be staying there for the rest of the week while they stayed at the family house with all the kids (the only stipulation being that we couldn't leave each night until we had put our kids to sleep).

After being in the rented house for a little while, it became obvious that this wasn't an entirely altruistic act. While the family house is essentially a "manufactured home," the rented place is best described as a converted camper. The ceilings and doorways are low (requiring me to walk around with my head hung down and body slouched), the bedrooms are barely larger than the beds, and I must squat to see anything higher than my nipples in the bedroom and bathroom mirrors. But it is a kid-free zone.

Monday started with a trip to Home Depot followed by several more household projects. The house water filter was replaced. Next was the replacement of the door for the utlity closet. I took the old door apart and helped Andy with templating all the holes and such on the new door. I then hung the new door and was grateful that the latch was perfectly aligned an didn't require any adjustments.

Chris (JD's middle brother) arrived in town Monday afternoon with his two older kids in their A/C-less rental. Shortly after their arrival, we were at the beach. This time I joined them. The surf was nice and smooth with few waves breaking, so I could see thru the water to the bottom even better than usual. I ended up wandering out quite a bit from shore, trailing big schools of tiny little fish.

Once the kids went to sleep, JD and I returned to the rental. Chris decided to stay at the family house for the first night to ensure his kids didn't have any feakouts from being in a strange place. JD gave me a mini-pedi and painted my toe nails purple while we watched Grease on AMC.

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Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:59 pm
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I found my wallet yesterday. When I picked up a couple of pairs of pants that I had laid atop the cedar chest, I saw it drop to the ground. JD then found my keys this morning. She discovered there was a hole in the lining of her purse. My keys had slipped through and found a good hiding space.

When not stressed about losing stuff, I've been busy using gift cards for downloading some entertainment. I got all three series of The IT Crowd. From Amazon, I downloaded a Bird and the Bee tribute album to Hall and Oates, The Ultimate Bee Gees, and Tears for Fears' The Hurting.

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Calvin has started a new physical activity - climbing. He has loved Little Gym for years, but has honestly reached the limits of his gymnastic ability. You can't have my or his tall body with a round middle and be very graceful.

JD found out that there was a climbing club/team not far from our house. They went to the two sessions last week and JD was tremendously impressed with how well Calvin did. Mom met them at Alabama Outdoors today to buy Calvin's shoes and harness as an early bday present. The boy will get belaying lessons Monday to get him caught up with the others.

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Just a few days after JD and I joined the church, I got an email from the guy that runs the sound for the contemporary services. Apparently the head minister let Frank know that I used to run sound for church, theatre, and concerts as well as the work I did in radio. Frank is the only person that runs the sound (every Sunday) for the contemp services and his wife is preggers with their second kid. The guy really needs help.

Thus, after getting JD's okay for leaving her alone to corral the kids to church, I've agreed to help setup, run, and breakdown all of the sound for the two services. This means I show up at 7:30am to set up the mics, monitors, and amps; do soundcheck with the band at 8:30; run the board during the 9:45 and 11:05; and have stuff put away around 12:30pm. There isn't anything complicated about the work, although I have been remembering things I've forgotten after numerous years of not using that knowledge. What I'm convinced will be my biggest struggle is to boost the vocals and guitar over the drums without blowing away the folks in the house.

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Thx, WiiFit

Mar. 8th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Last week, there was one night JD made brownies. The next day, WiiFit said I gained two pounds. Last night, we had some choc chip cookies during the Oscars. I was up by 2.5 pounds this morning. It is one thing to "know" snacks at night are bad, but to see that kind of effect really makes the info hit home.

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Calvin (playing Wii, hollers): MOM!

Me (5 feet away @ the fireplace): What do you need, Calvin? I'm right here.

Calvin: Only Mom can do what I need.

Me: What? Lactate? Give birth?

Calvin: It's classified.

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ETA Tease

Jan. 26th, 2010 03:58 pm
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I'm annoyed at the "estimated time remaining" for the Lenovo backup software. The process said 50 minutes when it started...over two hours ago. Now it is 63% done and says 35 minutes left to go. Since shutting down would be VERY BAD, I guess I'm going to leave the laptop running on battery for the commute home.

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Santa put something a bit different in my stocking last month - a cigar. I haven't had a cigar in more than 3 years. Today I had to drop my laptop off at Office Depot for UPS. Just a block over was Humidor Pipe Shop. Thankfully, I had already placed the cigar in my briefcase so I decided to take the opportunity to smoke it.

I love the ritual of trimming the end of the cigar and the effort needed to evenly light the end. Puffing the cigar to stoke the burn is still a blissful thing for me, but I did find the puffs of smoke lingering around my face a bit annoying (for a smoking lounge, the air circulation was lacking).

I now stink to high heaven. My fingers, clothes, hair, and breath reek of slight variations of the same cigar smell. I am now set to last a year or so before the thought of having a cigar has any appeal again. Oh! I am kicking myself for not keeping the cigar band. While I consider myself a fan of CAO cigars, this Luis Something cigar was one of the best rolled cigars I've ever smoked. Flavor was pretty good, but the burn and consistent density were superb.

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