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There's a time and place for everything. It is called college. This was taken on the catwalk of the Bama Theater in downtown Tuscaloosa...probably in '93.
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During my senior year in high school, for some reason lost to time, some female friends gave me a pair of cream, satin panties as a present. I don't know if this was the gifted purpose, but they became my lucky panties. I wore them during a final I was uncertain about and did well, so I continued using them during college when I felt I could use any help. The panties weren't magical, but they were a good enough placebo to satisfy me.
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It is official. All three kids have now pooped in the tub as babes.

I remember the night Calvin did it in the tub of our second duplex in Dallas. I even called my parents (while cackling my head off) and told them about it. They especially appreciated the story since they were eating dinner with friends at some swanky place in Panama City Beach.

There have been 3 (4?) times in the past week where she gives us a grunt or shift or something, but before we can get her out...MAN OVERBOARD!
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I felt much better Wednesday evening, but took a step back yesterday morning with an oppressive headache. By the afternoon, the headache was gone and I've been feeling well ever since. *knocks on wood* My only problem right now are actually side effects. The meds have provided me with some quality time on the throne. That, in turn, has brought some soreness and sensitivity to my rear.
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I share because I don't feel a need not to share. I think it is probably safe to say that the info is presented with the most tame information first. It then works its way into info you probably wouldn't share with me if the situation was reversed. If you are iffy about reading this, just skip the post...or read and consider it educational. :)

The 'medical' update on my healing after the vasectomy )

The 'sexual' update after the vasectomy )
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Nothing gross, just talkin' 'bout wipin' )
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Because we never really know each other as well as we think...

In response to this post, I'd like you to ask as many questions as you want...it can be 1 or 100. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal ,anything. Ask away. Trust me, you're more likely to be scared by my reply than I will be of your questions. Go ahead and try!!!

Then copy this to your own journal and see what people don't know about you.

Body Names

Dec. 7th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Lemme introduce you to my named body part. My penis has been named "Chuck" since high school. What do you have named on your body?
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Because Monkey has been acting up and JD's body has been getting achy when active; she's been as inactive as possible the past week or so. As of this past weekend, she's now on minor bedrest. Anything that may spark Monkey to come out early is nixed right now. It has been 3 weeks since we last had sex and I'm now 10 days away from Monkey reaching 36 weeks and, thus, in the safety zone allowing us to use the midwife instead of a hospital. Since JD having an orgasm, the presence of sperm in her vagina, or nipple stimulation can induce labor (my discussion of nipple stimulation to help push her labor w/ Calvin will wait for another time)...I'm sexually on hold waiting for that miracle 36th week to arrive.

Until then, I have my best friend...as sung about by Jellyfish:

My hand's a five-leaf clover
It's Palm Sunday - over and over.
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OMG, while not as bad as I had previously feared, the pain I'm dealing with the past couple of days is much worse than when I was in the hospital. I'll spare the details but getting everything back in working order is very painstaking. The hydrocodone is nice and takes the edge off, but the pain associated with physical efforts easily surpasses the abilities of the pill. An audio recording of me screaming my way through is very reminiscent of JD birthing our babies. Not to say I understand her pain, but I have a stronger frame of reference to go by now.

Otherwise, my time is spent watching L&O on the Tivo and reading the mags JD got me while I was in the hospital. I've really enjoyed reading Filter. The writing is great, but several album reviews left me absolutely clueless about what the music actually sounds like. Superb interviews, though.

The boys have been incredibly sweet to me, although Calvin really tested JD's patience last night while he stalled going to sleep. On top of that, Nigel had a nightmare last night and she was up for a good while trying to get him to go back to sleep last night. I must get her a great birthday present to make up for all she's having to do right now. Since it's coming soon (June 8), I think I will need to solicit help from the rents or in-laws in acquiring something...mmmmmm.
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Since JD's VERY sick with Monkey each morning, she did an extremely thorough job of cleaning the master bath two weekends ago. As a courtesy to her and the spic-n-span bathroom, I declared that I would sit to pee when in the master bath.

I've discussed this technique before.

During a particularly ponytail-sensitive guy phase in college, I tried to make it a habit of sitting down unless in a public bathroom. The experiment MAY have lasted a couple of months at the most.

When I bought my house, my dad had 3 words of advice. One of them I've completely forgotten (I think because it wasn't particularly insightful), another was to always sweep debris from the doors to the house more than 6 feet away to keep the carpet clean, and the third was that he does and suggested that I always pee sitting down when at home. I tried it again at the time...for maybe a few days.

Now I've gone a week and a half and have consistently sat down when peeing in the master bath. I found myself shifting to the "public" bathroom in our house only a few times for the privilege of standing up while urinating.

Despite the feminization of my pissing, the only real problem that I have had is getting that last drop out safely. I don't know if it's the sitting position or what, but I can't seem to shake my willy, wiggle it around, or dab w/ TP to get that last drop. More times than not, right as I go past the squat position and my penis crosses the seat threshold on the way to the ascending pants...*drip*

I guess cleaning up the dot of pee is better than the roll of the dice of post-coital or overnight peeing, but the rest of the time I'm mighty tempted to break my new policy. I think I'll focus on praying that JD gets over this morning sickness ASAP.
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I left the beach 5 days ago, so I've worked my way through the slightly burned skin and my chest and shoulders started itching yesterday.

Guess what started today? PEELING! My chest and shoulders had a bunch of the teeniest of bubbles today when I returned from running errands. Now I have to fight the urge to peel the skin. I can't help myself. This is the best kind of peeling, too; I can work up sections that are several square inches at a time!

What can I say, I'm a picker. Not big on the nose, a little zit poppin', and my skin struggles to keep scabs fully attached...but peeling skin is damned addicting.

Gotta rub lotion and ignore the urge to pull up...just this tiny little corner...then slowly...slowly...oooo, it's spreading out...pull ever so slowly. *slap!* No more picking!

...until after I shower tonight.
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I wish I could detach the lower half of my body, send it away for repairs, and roll around in a wheelchair in the meantime.

There is still a lingering 'roid problem. But it's the itch that comes back more frequently.

Then there's the creases where my thighs meet my crotch (long story short - I had a bad reaction to an ointment which irritated the skin, caused it to peel, and is slowly healing). We are now in the healing but lots of peeling on the fringes...like the dryness of a sunburn not the scary leper thing that happened a couple of weeks ago. The dry peeling has also spread to my sack and the base of my penis.

Now I have that dry itch sensation all around my groin and the tops of my thighs.

If having an itchy butt and crotch weren't enough, this has exasperated my restless legs syndrome. And there's nothing that the raw skin of the creases of my crotch love more than my legs suddenly spasming in hopes of releasing tension.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel but it's an itchy ride to the end.

The only relief occurs when I beg and plead for JD to rub shea butter all over my crotch to moisturize. Definitely one of those marriage things that is real nice.

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