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About a year ago, I decided I wanted to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix from season 2 to the end. That lead to my watching all of ST:Deep Space Nine, ST:Voyager, and now ST:Enterprise. As I enter the second half of Enterprise's final season, I have been evaluating the series and comparing it to the other Star Trek series. I have come to the conclusion that Enterprise is my favorite of the series I've seen.

ST:TNG is classic. It is sci-fi drama, romance, adventure, comedy, with a wealth of potential environments thanks to interstellar travel, time travel, and the holodeck. Jean Luc is a svelte, intelligent captain. Kirk's overblown ego and sexual beast is moved to second in command, Riker. It is a good ensemble cast. The crew was on a mission of exploration and "humanitarian" assistance to the universe. And one of my favorite ST secondary characters, Q, originates here. The Federation is really damn squeaky clean. Over the seven seasons, there was the miserable first season followed by a period of growth, a couple of seasons of cruising, wound down with a season where the writers indulged their whims on storylines, and yet TNG ended with such a fantastic finale. While ENT is my favorite, I must state that TNG is the best ST series.

BUT... The squeaky cleanness started to wear thin near the end. Wesley Crusher or Troi centered episodes were usually my least favorites. While there were some superbly written episodes, there were certainly a good number of duds and dullards sprinkled around.

ST:VOY comes closest to TNG of the other series. Captain Katherine Janeway personifies the idealism of the Federation as she faces the struggle of being on the opposite side of the galaxy with little to no support from others. Where Enterprise on TNG seemed to spend just a portion of its episodes exploring unknown regions of the galaxy, Voyager was forced to spend most of its episodes with completely new aliens to the ST universe. On the ship, Tom Parris spent quite a bit of time on the holodeck playing a Flash Gordon-esque holo-novel. Voyager embraces that approach of adventure and action for the fun of it.

BUT... The show's increase in action sometimes came to the detriment of the plot. The deflector dish became the writers' magical Swiss Army knife. I hate Harry Kim. It cannot be emphasized enough...I HATE Harry Kim and I think both the character and the actor are to blame. And because I watched Voyager after Deep Space Nine (which had some series-long, multi-season long, and multiple episode story arcs), the fact that the only serial aspect of Voyager seemed to be the ship's distance from Earth became a bit annoying to me. Damage done to the ship and trauma that happened to the crew during a story was often forgotten or "cured" before the next episode.

ST:DS9 directly rejected the purity of the Federation. It was darker (literally and figuratively) than previous Star Trek series. DS9 embraced, for better or worse, that many story plots would affect the characters in subsequent episodes. There were few episodes in which the characters seemed to have a reset between episodes. Because of that, Sisko and other characters change from the first episode to the last. Many of the characters have depth rather than a foundation/stereotype which merely reacts to whatever the plot throws at them. I enjoyed the spiritual aspect that was thread throughout the series. And I came to love the slyness of Garak and the pompous display of the classic villain who is the hero in his own mind with Dukat. But it was the character and acting performance of Weyoun by Jeffrey Combs that really grabbed me. I would gladly go back and only watch shows that focused on these three secondary characters.

BUT... There was a horrible section in the series where the Klingons kinda distracted the series from where it was headed. The Dominion War seemed to oddly shift back and forth, as if the writers hadn't developed the exit before going into it. The writers' love of torturing O'Brien started to get old. OMG, where the hell did Bashir's character-changing reveal come from!? While I LOVE Quark, Nog and his son grew to annoy me, and nearly every other Ferengi was overbearing. The parallel with Ferengi and the Three Stooges was frequently too close to the surface for me. I think I ended up tuning out several of the Ferengi-focused episodes in the last couple of seasons (especially the ones involving Quark's mom or the Grand Nagus). And, although it was properly grand and tied up numerous loose ends, the finale was rather frustrating.

With ST:ENT, I feel like it combines my favorite aspects of all of the above series. Starfleet is young and The Federation isn't fully formed, thus the idealism is forming but it is constantly at conflict with circumstances. While not spanning as wide as on ST:DS9, there are more long story arcs and character development. This crew of the Enterprise really are exploring strange, new worlds...that are yet somewhat primally familiar with Trekkers. There is a level of spirituality that makes appearances here (spurned by the Vulcans here, instead of DS9's Bajorans). There is quite a bit of action, but doesn't sacrifice plot or take easy outs like the writers frequently did on VOY. I thought I really enjoyed Jeffrey Combs as Weyoun, but I love him even more as the blue-skinned Shram on ENT.

BUT... I have gotten a bit annoyed with the level of emotion displayed by the Vulcan T'Pol (although there is a plot point that attempts to allow the writers to loosen her emotions for a while). When ENT first aired, I was a periodic watcher and only caught bits and pieces of the Xindi storyline. My recollection was I was annoyed by the military aspect that I didn't expect from a Star Trek series. Watching it now, I caught the show from the beginning and saw how Starfleet struggled between pure exploration and matching up militarily with beings antagonistic against them. But I do see ENT-critics' point about the use of force.

In the end, though, ENT shines because the number of shows that blew me away were numerous, the shows I didn't like were rare, and there aren't any characters that make me want to mute when they are on screen or skip episodes focused on them. I don't think ENT is really different from the other Star Trek series, although it and DS9 probably sit on one side of a Star Trek seesaw with TNG and VOY on the other side.
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Whether we're talking national politics or inter-personal relationships, I do worry quite a bit about how fractured we can be on various scales of "society" when it comes to voicing and supporting our choices/opinions and the effort we place on understanding others' choices/opinions. That is a big enough concern, let alone going the next step of actually taking the time and effort to compromise and come to some sort of agreement on things. It is so easy (and lazy) to isolate ourselves in our own world where we surround ourselves only by like-minded people. Is it within our collective ability to think outside of our own opinions and put forth the brainpower and communication necessary to find common points and overcome the differences so we can get along together?

I just keep noticing so many instances lately where those that disagree or dislike something instantly choose the isolating or aggressive (reporting to police, personal attacking, PR/political ploys) option in a situation rather than working with the person of a differing stance to come to a mutual agreement or understanding. I'm tired of seeing people paint those that disagree with them as evil or stupid. I can tolerate people of opposing positions a lot better than I can people that are intolerable.

TV Troubles

Oct. 8th, 2011 01:23 pm
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JD and I decided to put our satellite service on hold for a little while to save some money. Nearly all of the shows we watch can easily be found online. During the week, I don't miss having satellite TV service.

But, when the weekend comes and I wanna watch college football, the NFL, or NASCAR, the current situation becomes a problem. We have one digital TV. I got a "rabbit-ear" indoor antenna for the TV. With that connected, I am able to pick up the ABC (31), CBS (19), and PBS (25) stations...sometimes. Despite my living in town, I have never been able to get the Fox (54) or NBC (48) stations' broadcast signal on this TV. As I mentioned a second ago, I can't always get these channels. I will have the antenna positioned where I get the three stations just fine. But, most of the time, if I wait long enough or the next time I turn the TV on, the situation will be completely different. I may have picture for none, one or two stations and will have to completely alter how the rabbit-ears are positioned before I can get the stations again.

Actually, as I was typing this, I had to adjust the antenna again. Although I wasn't getting a strong signal from PBS, the CBS and ABC stations seemed clearer than usual. I decided to see if I could get NBC and Fox. Nope, I couldn't get them, but it is now picking up UPN (15). *rolls eyes*
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#3 Dance clips

#2 Chromeo - "Nice N Clean"

#1 "Hold Still"
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I'm now convinced that the problem with my laptop has been identified and there are no current threats to upend the HD or remove the laptop from my possession. This has allowed me to customize the laptop beyond a few settings and programs I need to do my basic work tasks.

Behold, my new wallpaper in tribute to my current fav show from across the pond: The IT Crowd!
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The Nashville NBC affiliate had a morning show host contest. This is the profile they created for Darrell. If you watch intently, you get a 1.5 second flash of me while I ran the board during the footage in the studio.

Then, a few weeks later...you again get only a flash of me behind the sound board.

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While at War College in Carlisle, PA, my parents took a trip to NYC during the winter of '94 and woke up early one morning to hang outside the Today Show studios.
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It seems that our DVR got a bit fried yesterday. JD said that shortly after they got home yesterday afternoon, there was a quick off/on blackout. Last evening, I go to watch a show and there is a 7-10 second delay before it would start a show, ff, rew, skip ahead or back, and there would be odd time lapses and freezes when pausing live TV. I did the obligatory reboots and saw no change. It was too late by that point to contact tech support.

This morning, JD notifies me that the DVR is still funky. I get disconnected while waiting on the phone for Dish, but yet again got great customer service over chat. After checking some system settings and outputs, my DVR was deemed totaled and a replacement one is on the way (no charge). I should have the new DVR in 2-3 days. I really hope it arrives Thursday afternoon because there are too many shows that JD and I watch on Thursday nights. I hope I don't end up spending a couple of hours watching Hulu to catch up on the NBC shows I missed.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:59 am
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I understand that it isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm really falling for Community. I think this goes beyond my love for Joel McHale/The Soup. Chevy Chase is funny again. That accomplishment is one of many by the writers of this new comedy.
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JD and I would both love to be on The Amazing Race.

I'd also enjoy being on My Life on the D-List, but would have to find a way to not have to go to L.A. OH! Maybe Kathy could take me with her on one of those gay vacations she goes on as a sort of "gay rehab" for having been without a clan of local gays to hang with for the past several years.
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or is Alec Baldwin turning into William Shatner?

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just keep thinking that if you put Shatner on 30 Rock, it may not make that much of a difference (other than the creepiness of Liz Lemon's potential attraction to the even older Shatner). And I could easily mentally slip Alec in as a replacement in Priceline.com ads.
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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. If you want, you can put 5 subjects/things in the comments and I'll put my reply to any/all of those in a post w/ each person's 5 behind a cut so you can look at all, just yours, or skip the post altogether.

The five I received from [livejournal.com profile] wc_helmets:
1. Your kid's interests )
2. Cinematic Titanic )
3. XTC before vs. after Terry Chambers )
4. Disc Jockey folly )
5. Lotusflow3r )
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Head is SOOO FULL of snot. I can't think well at all.


Have yet to finish watching the race in California. I think I'm about 50 laps from the finish. After the boys went down, it was time for JD and I to watch The Amazing Race, I watched some of the race, JD asked to watch something else, and I fell asleep before I could get back to the race.


I'm liking several of the contestants on TAR. I think I'm going to stick with the little stunt guys as my favorite despite the sympathy factor for the deaf kid/mom and my familiarity with Mike White (School of Rock, Chuck & Buck) who's participating with his dad. As long as the NFL cheerleaders don't win, there is a God.


The hair has faded to green w/ a blueish tint on top. The side and back are more green-blonde.


The rest of the house may be pretty darn clean, but the master bedroom is an ABSOLUTE WRECK! Until JD finishes getting stuff set to sell at Kids Market, it will remain a mess.


I really need a non-windy day soon...but on a day that I can actually do yard work. I must napalm the mulched areas of weeds. Also, the henbit and other spring weeds have started earlier this year in the lawn and will need some Weed-B-Gone, too. The south side of the house is in particularly bad shape.


Harper isn't consistent, but she's getting much better about only waking up once or twice a night. Last night she needed attention at 11:30pm and then didn't wake up until close to 6:30am.
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The obvious immediate response from me is MST3K.

Probably the first show that was canceled too early which I loved was My So Called Life. One day I will rent the series on DVD and have folks over to watch it along with a drinking game - take a shot after each use of "Jordan Catalano" (?sp). I loved and hated that he was referred to by both his first and last name.

I came to Firefly after the movie, so I can't say that I miss it the most...but I do wish there were many, many more episodes than there were.
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You will get HAMMERED if you drink...

* When they mention that CNN is on someone's TV or used on the monitor at rallies/Times Square

* Wolf talks about how neat/cool a CNN "element" (graphic, breakdown) is

* a female talent flirts with Anderson
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I think Wolf Blitzer is going to cum live on CNN before the election results are finished. The boy is all too giddy about the new computer/camera tricks they have been using tonight. I think Wolf's just overcompensating in some bizarre competition he has with John King.
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The writers really let their creative juices flow for this episode. There were numerous points in the first 15 minutes of the show that JD and I were laughing so hard we had to skip back and pause to catch our breath and continue. I want a cheese fountain at my next birthday party.

It was nice to see a bit of sweetness out of Angela towards Andy.

I know the new HR lady is only scheduled for a few more episodes, but I think the chemistry between she and Michael is good.
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1. Why is it so common for one tribe on Survivor to do everything they can to undermine their ability to compete or survive? The picking of tribes started off goofy enough ("I'm a photographer, so I'm going to select the model for our tribe" - WTF!? Don't you see the athletic men available?) but Fang's completely inane picking of tribe members continued the whole way through the selection. Of course they go to tribal council and vote off the one of the strongest members. Was Michelle a whiny bitch? Yes, but tribes are more likely to win rewards with strong members as opposed to a united weak tribe. Good effort in that face-painted challenge folks, but imagine how you might have won with Michelle's speed pushing instead of Gillian's running around the ball contributing nothing!

2. I bet there is footage somewhere of Charlie moaning Marcus's name in his sleep while sporting a boner. The crush is cute and obnoxious at the same time.

3. JD can't handle the older guy (Randy?) because he reminds her too much of Nick Nolte from his DUI mug shots.

4. CBS's Survivor website has yet to load during any of my attempts today to look at the site.

5. Bob (physics teacher) is YaoMan 2.0.

6. I like the new Exile Island twist of having a Comfort Vs. Clue choice to make. Dan was a moron that completely wasted his clue. I loved the shots of him staring at the locked apple regretting his decision and inability to productively use the clue.
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Dear Lorne Michaels,

Please talk to Tina Fey and have her help open the new season with an appearance as Sarah Palin. I'm watching the VP acceptance speech now and I keep thinking of Tina.

Thank you,


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