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May. 25th, 2016 04:38 pm
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I wanted to give myself some time before I put down on my blog my feelings on the passing of Prince. I started writing this blog post about a week after his death. I got distracted and then totally forgot about it until I came to LJ just now to do another post and the site said it had a saved draft. So...below is a somewhat incomplete post about Prince's impact in my life.


One of the first things to come in mind was David Bowie's recent death. In that aftermath, I shared how he affected me. When I looked back at what I wrote on FB about him, much of what I said about Bowie goes a thousandfold for Prince. Maybe if I was 10 or 15 years older, Bowie would get the essential credit for influencing me. But as a guy who's formative years were in the 80's, Prince was my pop culture reference to a star who was androgynous, alien-like, and demonstrated musical genius on many albums with a sound that was both authentic to the artist and evolving into something new and different from the previous releases.

I first became aware of Prince with "I Wanna Be Your Lover" in the early 80's when I was 7-9 years old. I caught it on the radio a couple of times and liked it. A year or two later, Chaka Khan released "I Feel For You" and I somehow became aware of the Prince connection and that this meant I liked two of his songs (an important stat to keep in the olden days when singles were fine, but knowing you could get a bunch of songs you like for $8 or whatever was actually priceless). It was with the release of the various singles from 1999 - especially the exposure via Solid Gold - that I started to consider myself a Prince fan. (I may have also heard "Party Up" at some point during this period of my life. When I later bought a Dirty Mind/Controversy double-album cassette, "Party Up" sounded very familiar.

But I knew as a 10 year old, that I wasn't supposed to be part of Prince's fan base and that I probably shouldn't own any of his albums. I could enjoy "Little Red Corvette" as the Solid Gold dancers pranced around the stage or sing along with "1999" on the radio, but it never crossed my mind that I could buy the album and not get into some level of hassle or trouble with my parents for the purchase.

When Purple Rain came out, the push and pull on whether or not to buy an album became a practical concern and not just a passing dismissive thought. I enjoyed every song I heard. I wouldn't be shocked if I did buy a 45 of "When Doves Cry" but can't recall for certain and considering the 45s I've kept, I would expect that song to still be in my collection. If I didn't get a 45 of "When Doves Cry," I don't think I got up to buy my first Prince album until 1987 when Sign O the Times came out and I started 8th grade. I either got Sign or Purple Rain on cassette first at that age. From that point on, I started buying up previous and future releases.

Prince was my primary musical influence during high school. He quickly became the musical act of which I had the most albums and who I would most readily identify as my favorite. I never owned Purple Rain on vinyl, so when I broke one of my Walkmen so it wouldn't flip sides any more - instead merely playing the top side in reverse, the first thing I wanted to do was to put my cassette copy in and listen to the end of "Darling Nikki". I would recite the monologue from the end of "If I Was Your Girlfriend" to girls I was interested in. I dreamed of a woman who would be a combination of the females in "Starfish and Coffee" and "Raspberry Beret", as well as "Delirious" and "Do Me, Baby".

When I hiked the Appalachian Trail between my junior and senior year in high school, I took my Walkman and two cassettes. One of those cassettes was my Prince Dirty Mind/Controversy double album tapes. It was shortly after that trip, that Prince's influence really started to wane. Diamonds and Pearls was the album that I realized that Prince and I were parting ways; the headscratching I did with Graffiti Bridge wasn't just with that one project.

I did buy Emancipation and Crystal Ball. But didn't buy another Prince album until 3121.
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Tonight at the troop meeting, the Scoutmaster gave a very vague and general update about the vote last week about the policy change for homosexual boys. He mentioned the vote had to do with membership criteria, but each boy should talk to his parents about it since the subject was not something he felt he should address.

So, on our way home tonight, Calvin turned to me and asked what in the world was the Scoutmaster talking about. I started off by asking Calvin (nearly 11) if he remembered what it means to be homosexual or gay. I don't know about other parents, but I've already talked to Calvin about homosexuality. He said that it was when people are attracted to their same sex. I then talked to him about the Bible's statements on homosexuality in the OT and how the Boy Scouts take an oath to do their "Duty to God." I let him know that some people think that because of those two things, that it is incongruous to those people that a boy can do his duty to God and be a homosexual. Because of that, homosexuals had been prohibited from being in the Boy Scouts.

I went into the recent policy change, how the vote was relatively close, and how people who disagree with the change are very mad and why it is that they feel so emotionally about this being a bad decision. I finally let him know about my feelings - how I feel that Jesus taught that sin is between a person and God and that we shouldn't "throw stones" at others for their sin. I told him that all boys should be able to learn the Scouting skills and character traits no matter their sexual orientation. One sin doesn't spoil the person and they deserve the opportunity to be a part of a great organization such as the BSA.

I frequently hear from those that oppose homosexuals in Scouting that they don't want to have to talk to their children about sex. You know what? I still haven't talked to Calvin about sexual acts that homosexuals perform...because that isn't relevant in any way to the policy and he never asked for that kind of info. What is the point in my discussing anal sex with my child on this issue? When talking about a wedding taking place, I don't tell my children about the sex the newlyweds will be having that night and during their honeymoon. *sigh*
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Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the folks who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

A social contract shouldn't need religious "protection" in any case, but there you go.
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Hermaphrodite: Ladyman, Lady

If every soldier in the wo-orld
Put down his weapon and picked up a woman
What a peaceful world this world would be-eee...
Redheads not warheads
Blondes not bombs
We're talkin' about brunettes not fighter jets
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you got to give her what she wants when she wants it,
where she wants it, and how she wants it.
Every doggone time she feels she needs it.
What I'm tryin' to say, a woman gotta have it.
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I share because I don't feel a need not to share. I think it is probably safe to say that the info is presented with the most tame information first. It then works its way into info you probably wouldn't share with me if the situation was reversed. If you are iffy about reading this, just skip the post...or read and consider it educational. :)

The 'medical' update on my healing after the vasectomy )

The 'sexual' update after the vasectomy )
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WJAB got me all hot and bothered yesterday afternoon when cruisin' home from the office.

Jill Scott - "My Love"

Lyrics - My love is deeper,tighter,sweeter,higher,fly-er/Didn't you know this, or didn't you notice? )
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Of course, how was I not going to click on a headline of "CEO Says Victoria's Secret Is Too Sexy?" What really grabbed me was at the bottom:

The chain was started in San Francisco in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who said he was embarrassed trying to buy lingerie for his wife and hoped to provide a comfortable place for men to shop.

I can see the "store for men" aspect, I guess, with the various rooms that used to be a bit more prominent. Those mazes made it easier for the guy to not be paranoid of his presence being known to those that frown on such things. Catalogs are practical and entertaining. What boy's flirtation of the JCPenney/PX/BX/Sears catalogs didn't freak out upon discovering the Victoria's Secret catalog?

Now the stores pull in more of the public with the beauty/bath products butted alongside. With the stores skewing younger and younger, the presence of teenage girls to the equation complicated matters. One way or another teen chicks WILL affect men.
A. Lolita fantasy
B. Underlying state of attention amplifies discomfort or arousal
C. Giggling girls
D. Fear of others noticing or suspecting you being a dirty old man
E. Shopping at the same time as you daughter and/or your son's girlfriend/wife
F. Some combination of the above
G. All of the above
H. Plus stuff too dirty to actually confess to others.

Just don't go too old, VS. No one needs to be forced to get off on granny panties and girdles.

Sexy Ham

Feb. 8th, 2008 10:28 am
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I was doing some screening in the corpus (marking sampled emails as ham or spam) and stumbled across ham that I HAD TO READ! It was an email about 10 replies in on a conversation this morning between a Master and his BabyGirl. The subject and the first line I saw made me think it was one of those lonely Russian women spam. Nope, two horny adults in the South that will be doing some rather kinky things in Nashville next week. DAMN, it made me horny!

Body Names

Dec. 7th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Lemme introduce you to my named body part. My penis has been named "Chuck" since high school. What do you have named on your body?
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I love this video so much. There's no way I'm deleting the music video block I recorded on MTV2 that has this track until a better quality version is up on YouTube. I've never wanted to live in one of Snoop's videos as much as I want to live in this one.
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Because Monkey has been acting up and JD's body has been getting achy when active; she's been as inactive as possible the past week or so. As of this past weekend, she's now on minor bedrest. Anything that may spark Monkey to come out early is nixed right now. It has been 3 weeks since we last had sex and I'm now 10 days away from Monkey reaching 36 weeks and, thus, in the safety zone allowing us to use the midwife instead of a hospital. Since JD having an orgasm, the presence of sperm in her vagina, or nipple stimulation can induce labor (my discussion of nipple stimulation to help push her labor w/ Calvin will wait for another time)...I'm sexually on hold waiting for that miracle 36th week to arrive.

Until then, I have my best sung about by Jellyfish:

My hand's a five-leaf clover
It's Palm Sunday - over and over.
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Honorable Mention, 5th-3rd back here! )
2nd: More than half of the songs released by Prince on For You through Sign of the Times.
I just can't pick one song from Prince at all. How do I pick which one makes me more moist between: “Lady Cab Driver,” “Take Me With You,” or “Ballad of Dorothy Parker?” Anyways, I believe that Prince should be cloned and handed out to every female when she “comes of age.” He's to be stored in their pants pocket and provide pleasure when lightly squeezed.

I guess WB and/or Prince ride YouTube's ass cuz there's jackshit at the site, so no video.

1st: Jeff Buckley - “Everybody Here Wants You”
I've posted about him and this song previously. The song is sex simmered down to a thick syrup meant be poured on the body of your loved one. *licks chops*

Freakin' Sony disabled embedding this video. Since it doesn't have him in it, I'll put the link for the song here along with a picture of Jeff:

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