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Just realized this morning that I hadn't posted in LJ since February.

Most of that is due to my putting the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums thing on hold for a bit. I had been using Rhapsody to listen to the various albums on the list. Well, early in March JD and I were frustrated that only one of us could listen to Rhapsody at a time on mobile devices. I decided to go to the site and see if that was a feature I wasn't paying for or if there was an issue with my subscription. While there, I discovered that I was paying the higher of the two packages. I checked out the features for the one listed for $5 less each month and it seemed to have the same features I was paying for. So, I decided to look at the features for the Premium Plus program I was paying for. There was nothing - NOTHING - on Rhapsody's site about Premier Plus. I then started this horrific dance with support via phone, email, and FB trying to find out what the deal was. Essentially, they had to make a change to compete with the price/features offered by the competition. So, several months ago, they changed the $10 plan to be exactly like the competition...and they eliminated my $15 plan from new signups. Alas, the change in features offered meant the $10 plan and $15 plan had ONE difference - on the $15 plan, you could have more than one mp3 player (unlimited phones and tablets). In my case, that difference meant squat because I didn't use an mp3 for Rhapsody, let alone need to pay an additional $5 for more than one mp3 player. Through the entire process, the customer service folks were unsympathetic asses that attempted to avoid clearly stating the differences between the $10 and $15 plans and they scoffed at my concerns about how subscribers were not notified of the changes in subscriptions. I am no longer giving Rhapsody any of my money. They lost me for life.

I have been very lazy about searching for an alternate source of the Rolling Stone albums. I decided to go with Spotify, but never have my wallet around when I think about signing up. Along with that, I started using TuneIn Radio a lot on my phone. I've been listening a lot to Lightning 100 in Nashville; Mesquite, TX's school system's own KEOM (great playlist of 1970s pop...DJed by teenagers); B'ham-based Substrate Radio (in particular, Blood on the Knobs on Tuesday nights); 'HFS in Baltimore; and various chill/acidjazz/ambient stations that come up in searches.


In other news...

* For the first time in my life, I essentially broke even on taxes this year. I have mixed emotions about this. Glad I got all my money with paychecks, but that burst of cash early in the year has been a blessing in the past.

* The top reason why I am writing this post is because I'm dodging work. I built several pages with information about a service a business partner is rolling out soon. I did the construction on the development site several months ago. Long enough ago, that I forgot I had work in progress on the development site and had the db wiped for the sake of having a more current backup of the production site. Yesterday evening when I went to check the info on the pages I had previous constructed, I discovered my flub. This morning I verified that there was no way to recover what had been lost. I'm pissed about my being forgetful about that progress sitting on the site. I've made some attempt to rebuild those pages today, but I've wasted time staring at the screen each time I try to think of what to write there. I finished some work, looked it over, and decided that I need to go back "later" to look at it. Will "later" be in an hour or so? Will "later" be pushed until tomorrow and I get a day away for more emotional recovery?

* Calvin has been seeing an occupational therapist for his Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) this year. Liz Hamm, who I've known since high school, is his therapist. She and I got together for lunch during the holiday season last year because we hadn't seen each other in a while. When I talked about Calvin's condition and quirks, Liz chimed in to explain some of those as being his SPD and things that Calvin could do to deal with it. I called her later to get the ball rolling to have Calvin see her for therapy. The boy loves it so much and it has been making a fantastic difference in his attitude and stress levels. He is understanding his body more and learning how to cope with situations that would previously devastate him and require much emotional support from JD and/or myself. The fact we drive 45 minutes to Guntersville and then back each Tuesday is well worth the progress Calvin has seen.

* Harper's imagination runs away with her quite a bit. One day I'll be very grateful if this feeds her creative juices for writing, drawing, or whatever. At this time, however, much of her imagination manifests itself in fear. Her mind takes what people say too literally. When a friend of hers makes a hyperbolic verbal threat such as "I'll beat/kill/stab/punch you" or play acts some villainous role, her brain is visualizing all of it. To her, those threats have just happened, for real, in her mind. I was reminded of this the other day when I was talking to her about preparing my dinner and she asked what meat was. My explanation had her imagining her own skin getting peeled and someone pulling her muscles/meat off of her bones. The rest of that car ride was really sad and emotional.

* Nigel would eat gummies for 2 of his three meals of the day, if he could (flatbread and curry ketchup with a bowl of homemade beef jerky would be the third meal). At this time, his primary focus is on online gaming and trying to meet up in person with the people he's met online. He has a friend in Washington state that he is dying to hang out with. Every time there is a Minecraft convention in the world, he lets us know. He loves to travel and is pushing for us to work on a vacation late this summer to either the family house in Panama City Beach or attend the Rethinking Everything conference in Little Rock. At this time, we are also toying around with the idea of going to either PAXSouth in Texas in January2015 or PAXEast in Boston in April2015. This has prompted Nigel spending some time plotting out the cost of air, train, or car travel to those locations and what stops we might make to or from those conventions.

* Jennifer's interest in aromatherapy has been invigorated again. Yes, this time it escalated to numerous textbooks...that she then took copious notes from and drew up posters and diagrams to help her learn the material. She has also spent the past couple of months looking into certifications - what kind to get or even if any of the certifications are really meaningful or required for what she would like to do. Because of the Attachment Parenting, the natural child-birthing, and the general granola social circles she's come in contact with in Huntsville, she's finding an interested market in the items she has an interest in mixing and making. She made some items for Christmas gifts and proceeded to have those people or their friends offer money for Jen to make more.
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Last night it happened again. I showed up at the new college radio station right as my shift was to begin. I had no time to prepare my music. No playlist was provided for me. The board wasn't labeled well at all, the CD/component rack was in disarray with buttons in odd places. The CD rack behind me was in no particular order at all - not only were the CDs just placed willy-nilly, but CDs were all over the place in and outside of their jewelcases. When I found CDs that were at least vaguely familiar, the track listings were either missing or somehow unreadable by me. When I did manage to get some song started, it always ran out or had some technical issue that interrupted my attempt to find the next song.

Such is the template for my most common recurring dream over the past few years. It is very much a bittersweet dream because my shifts at V-91 at Bama (and for the summer I stayed with my parents at Carlisle, PA in which I talked my way into a shift at Dickinson College's student station) are some of my fondest memories and are a cornerstone of personal nostalgia. While aspects of many stations I've visited come and go from my dreams, the basic layout of the board area of the studio is almost always essentially set up like at the V-91 studios in the first half of the 90s (after the station moved out of the closet atop Reese Phifer Hall and into the new studios in the basement).

For some reason last night, instead of riding out the scenario until I got really frustrated and then taking control of the dream to alter it enough for me to escape that treadmill of torture, I focused a lot of attention on trying to problem-solve the scene. I focused on trying to find ways that I could circumvent the traps the dream had set before me. Of course, all of these failed either immediately or as soon as the dream would figure out a follow-up problem to make my solution moot. There were also the times I would get lost in the dream (thinking it was real) where I made oaths to myself to stick around after my shift and organize the CDs. I made plans to work at the station more frequently to do what I could to minimize or avoid these problems at my next shift.

I was talking to JD a little while ago about the dream. While the obvious interpretation is that I'm feeling stressed right now, I've gotta say I hardly see any stress in my life at this moment. Things are going rather swimmingly for me the past few weeks - other than my being a little overzealous with my credit card payment this month causing us to have to live a little lean this week before my next paycheck.
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I altered the names of one of the folders on my server recently, so old links won't work any more. I'm putting the updated links here for future reference.

1. RoadKill Squeezes the Charmin - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-Charmin.mp3
2. RoadKill Pitches a Song on Music Row - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-MusicRow.mp3
3. RoadKill Gets Arrested - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-Airport.mp3
4. RoadKill Drives a Monster Truck - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-MTruck.mp3
5. RoadKill Rolls a Yard - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-RollsYard.mp3
6. RoadKill Hands Out Roses (Meets the Cashes) - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-Roses-Cash.mp3
7. RoadKill Searches For an Honest Person - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-Honesty.mp3
8. RoadKill Goes For the Full Monty - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-Monty.mp3
9. RoadKill Trapped in CMA Closet - http://people.ironicdesign.com/cberry/AnKarloMornings/Audio/RK-CMAcloset.mp3

My personal favorite is the Charmin one. There is definitely "theater of the mind" going on with RK Rolls a Yard (although I was at Dick's house and he was convinced I did the pranks) and CMA Closet. Otherwise, what you hear actually did happen.
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Whether we're talking national politics or inter-personal relationships, I do worry quite a bit about how fractured we can be on various scales of "society" when it comes to voicing and supporting our choices/opinions and the effort we place on understanding others' choices/opinions. That is a big enough concern, let alone going the next step of actually taking the time and effort to compromise and come to some sort of agreement on things. It is so easy (and lazy) to isolate ourselves in our own world where we surround ourselves only by like-minded people. Is it within our collective ability to think outside of our own opinions and put forth the brainpower and communication necessary to find common points and overcome the differences so we can get along together?

I just keep noticing so many instances lately where those that disagree or dislike something instantly choose the isolating or aggressive (reporting to police, personal attacking, PR/political ploys) option in a situation rather than working with the person of a differing stance to come to a mutual agreement or understanding. I'm tired of seeing people paint those that disagree with them as evil or stupid. I can tolerate people of opposing positions a lot better than I can people that are intolerable.
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The biggest what if I have about my life is what it would be like if I went the music radio route instead of rolling with the punches and staying in talk radio after getting a job there. As if I haven't demonstrated my desire to program a music station enough on this blog through the years, I will never quite settle down until I either can get a good idea on what it would have been like or I get a "late in life" second chance somehow. Maybe talk radio kept me employed in radio where I would have struggled more in music radio...possibly never quite able to become the music/program director that I've always dreamed of being and instead spending my life feeling trapped in another department. *shrugs*
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When I worked in Dallas, I lived in the East Dallas/M-Streets area and the radio station was in Uptown. One of the highlights of each work day occurred during the 4am hour as I emerged from my neighborhood and entered the yellowish glow of Central Expressway. Just to my southwest was the vertical glow of Dallas's nighttime skyline. It was so cool to have so many skyscrapers lit up at night - from the green argon glow of the Bank of America building to the criss-crossing X's on the Renaissance Tower to the light-dotted sphere atop the Reunion Tower.

(This image isn't taken from the angle I saw the city, but I think you get the point.)

After several months, I started to notice a song playing on the radio on many of these commutes to the station. Despite the fact the song is actually about a completely different city AND that Journey is very high on my cheesy-meter, I now have a very warm spot in my heart from my associating these morning "I've made it!" moments with Journey's "Lights."

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The quiz at the end included this question:
"When asked by reporters whether or not she was scared when a snake came out of her car's air conditioning vent, a Texas woman said...blank."

Like Mo Rocca said, this answer could be anything. But the real answer is...

"Well, somebody crapped in my pants."

Baby Skin

May. 20th, 2010 09:28 pm
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After Dick Layman left the morning show to return to his home state of Iowa, the morning show went through a period where we had to try out new newsfolks to replace Dick. Being the newsperson for our show wasn't an easy job. You had to be good at doing news, but you also had to have a good sense of humor and play along with us. Something I developed during this time were several radio plays. I would come up with the silliest story possible, cobble together a script, and at the last minute spring the radio play onto the newsperson. The goal was to see if the newsperson would actually read all their lines and complete the play. Not everyone could accomplish this.

The following script is from when the station finally hired a replacement, Dave Anthony (who is now doing Fox News Radio in NYC). Although he begged momentarily at one point for us to stop, he was a trooper and made it to the end of the script. Can you read the script and figure out the point that Dave stopped reading his lines for a minute and begged for mercy?

FYI - the players are Darrell (host), Dave (newsguy), Melanie (traffic), MikeyB (producer/board-op), RoadKill (me).

'Baby Skin' - A radio play by RoadKill )

Oh, how I wish I still had the audio for this bit. I'm amazed with how I could hear the play in my head as I was typing this.
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I was going through my PC this morning trying to dump some stuff to free up HD space. I wandered into my old Ankarlo Mornings folder and found my 3 page instruction sheet on how to produce the morning how that I made in Dallas. It is very detailed and does a great job of illustrating the many of the demands of the job and the anal organization I created to help me accomplish my job each day.

I'm also going to put the Sample Report below the instructions. The report is something I would put together each afternoon and email to the morning show team by 5pm. It contains a schedule for the next morning with resources and then a collection of news stories I found that we might want to cover the next morning.

Producing a Morning Show in 20 Easy Steps )
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I'm shedding some of my audio equipment I've held on to since getting out of radio. I will give either or both of them to you for free, but would appreciate help with shipping if you don't anticipate a trip thru the upper regions of Bama any time soon.

I have to offer:
1. Sony MDS-JB940 console unit

2. (refurbished) Sony MD Walkman MZ-R37

3. About 30 mini-discs...some even still in wrappers.

The equipment works perfectly, as far as I know. I've been mostly using them to dub to and then listen to MDs while doing yard work. But I have numerous mp3 players now and stopped using the MD Walkman during last summer. Let me know whether this is of interest to you!
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The Nashville NBC affiliate had a morning show host contest. This is the profile they created for Darrell. If you watch intently, you get a 1.5 second flash of me while I ran the board during the footage in the studio.

Then, a few weeks later...you again get only a flash of me behind the sound board.

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Right before Hannibal came to the theaters, we had a chef from some frou-frou restaurant in St. Louis come into the studio and prepare some organ dishes. I'm probably going to swap around the actual animal w/ body part, but I believe we were prepared: lamb heart, foie gras (goose liver), sheep brain, and...something else. I LOVED the foie gras, didn't care for the heart, but the brain was good (but it may have been the copious amount of garlic the brain was sauteed in.

As far as "blindly" eating some food. When I became determined to try sushi, I didn't want to know what it was that I was sampling. I definitely ate a few things I may not have otherwise tried, but it also made me never discover what some of the items I enjoyed were if I couldn't find out after the fact (my sampling of sushi usually involved picking at the large platters a sushi place in Dallas used to bring into the radio station every couple of months).
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Ah, here's a chance for me to share my experiences using and endorsing Body Solutions for weight loss while I was on the air in Dallas.

Most jobs in radio have really low pay...but you get a lot of freebies! Businesses that advertise on the station will often provide samples (free food brought to the station, one advertiser gave the whole morning show laser whitening), certificates, discounts, and such (I miss walking into Fat Mo's and Mo or Shiva giving me a free roast beef sandwich or burger). Then there is the payday of landing a "live spot" for a product. Not only do you get the product for free, you also get paid to do the spots. In Dallas, I was the only person on the morning show that needed to lose weight, so when the folks at Body Solutions was looking to advertise on KLIF, I was the lucky guy.

At the time, Body Solutions was saturating radio with ads and DJ/host endorsements. Only loser stations in a market didn't have a deal with Body Solutions. When the company's marketing head had his first conversation with me, he stated that I was to take the products and wait until I had lost at least 8 pounds before going on the air to talk about it. While he insisted on waiting until I lost 8 pounds, he contacted me every few days to see if I had lost the weight yet.

Here is what the Body Solutions package included:
* The core element - the Body Solutions bedtime potion was to be taken right before going to bed. However, before taking that solution, you were to cut off eating food and drink (other than water) for 2 hours before bed.

* Powder for making some "vanilla" or "chocolate" shakes. This included a pamphlet that provided ways to use Gatorade with the vanilla for a orange sherbert flavor, among other ideas.

* cheap pedometer

* Instructions to drink, at least, 6 glasses of water a day

It took me a little over 2 weeks to lose the 8 pounds and to start doing my on-air ads. After a couple of months, I had plateaued at around a 15-17 pound loss. But as my weightloss slowed, the marketing guy from Body Solutions kept suggesting ways to alter my pitch: where I had previously focused on the pounds lost, I now switched to focusing on inches lost; after a few weeks of that, he told me to talk about how I felt about the weight loss or what others had told me; but he was always persistent about air-checking the ads and trying to get the most out of his ads. This obsessiveness started to rub Darrell.

As I was losing weight, I knew that much of my initial loss of weight was due to the fasting for two hours before bed and my dramatic change from drinking juices/Gatorade to drinking mostly water. The shakes, while not the tastiest shakes, were a nice supplement that did a great job of keeping me away from solid food. The big question and what I started to feel more and more was the crucial part of if I was ethically okay with the endorsement was the effectiveness of the nightly solution. When I hit the plateau, I figured that most of the weight loss had to do with my lifestyle changes. I started to lose confidence in the product and the Body Solutions marketing guy was coming across more and more like a used car salesman.

Finally, the shit started hitting the fan for Body Solutions. The company was having financial problems AND they were under siege from a deluge of lawsuits and consumer complaints. When they dropped their advertising, I was relieved. When we received a call about our endorsement of Body Solutions, Darrell and I discussed the situation on the air. I talked about how I did, in fact lose weight. We discussed what was happening behind the scenes with the marketing guy. Then we wrapped things up by stating that none of us had any desire to do ads for a product like that again. Did I lose weight while I was doing the Body Solutions program (product + lifestyle change)? Yes. Was I certain how much of that could be attributable to the Body Solution product as opposed to the lifestyle changes? As time went on, I was less convinced the product was key. However, doing the Body Solutions program helped me to make a lifestyle change I had long contemplated but procrastinated on. Was the product and program worth the price? I no longer thought so.

BUT, when Body Solutions stopped advertising, I did go to the sales person that dealt with them and took a couple of her spare bottles of the Body Solutions nighttime potion and some vanilla shake powders.
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(Insert obligatory answer that my family/children is my proudest life accomplishment.)

Okay, now that's out of the way, I would have to say that my work in talk radio is my proudest accomplishment. If that is too general... I'll narrow it down to making it to a Top 5 market (Dallas/Ft. Worth), taking a morning slot that was at the bottom of the ratings (36 or 38th?) and taking it into the top 15 in about a year and a half. While flipping formats on a music station can result in swift changes in ratings, things tend to be much slower in talk radio. Listeners get emotionally attached (either love or hatred) for the on-air personalities. Coming into a show with few listeners, winning them over, and getting listeners that typically listen to other stations to switch over to you isn't easy. The level of effort that Darrell and I put into that show was really astronomical.
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I have kept my old card-style rolodex of all the numbers I collected while in talk radio. Undoubtedly, at least half of the cards are hopelessly outdated. Just before leaving radio, I copied all of my rolodex into a Word file; so I have all the data. I just have a certain nostalgia for this now outdated method for storing and retrieving contact information to couple with my own personal experience with this particular rolodex.

But I'm trying to shed some of my pack rat mentality and getting rid of silly knick-knacks I attempt to keep because of nostalgia is where the process is now. This rolodex isn't something I will likely ever find useful again. Is it worth my stashing it away again on some shelf for me to look at in several years for 5 minutes? I certainly have lots of other radio memorabilia (much of which takes up far less space), so why hang onto this item?

I need to get famous so I have someone or some institution interested in keeping my mementos I don't want to store myself.
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Heh, I started to address this when the Top 5 Things You'd Buy After Winning the Lottery thing was going around Facebook earlier this year. Below is what I've jotted down this summer when thinking about starting my ideal station:

Be the Huntville's community's radio station. The station is to integrate itself into the community as much as possible and will take an active role in creating constant events in downtown Huntsville. Because of the diversity of the city, the station will feature a Classic Top-40 primary format supplimented by large block programming. A listener may not like what we play all the time, but at some time during the week we will be must-listen radio.

The call-letters and "name" of the station will be focused on something unique or special to the Huntsville area: The Spring (I like the possible interpretations the various style DJs can use), Rocket City Soundsystem, The Music Mill...

Find and renovate a facility in downtown Huntsville. Top choice is probably to put the station in 200 West Courthouse Square (the large tan bldg...think it used to be Compass Bank Bldg). I would try to put a large neon sign on the top of the building facing Big Spring Park (like WKDF has in Nashville) and/or add a ticker around the base of the south and east sides of the building so people at the spring or in the courthouse square can read it. It would be nice to have the studios on the main floor with the large windows and have speakers around the "wrap around porch" area of the building. Microwave at top of bldg will send signal to tower on MonteSano or south to Brindlee Mtn (may get a good deal from WRSA to rent tower usage).


Basic Music Format:
The primary programming for the station will be "Classic Top 40." I define that as 50% "oldies" (50's-80's), 25% recent oldies (90's to last year), and 25% new. I want people to be able to hear Ohio Players, followed by Christina Aguilara, followed by Girl Talk, then to the Beatles before a commercial break. My preference would be to have a music library available for the DJs and basically give them 3 songs they have to play per hour and they select the other 8 or so songs from the radio station's or the DJ's own library along the basic categories I detailed as my formula for "Classic Top 40." DJs will be strongly encouraged to play as many requests as they can and make sure to mention that the songs were requested.

Music Blocks:
The "Basic Music Format" would be M-F from 4am-7pm. The only variation on that may be a lunchtime block for workers and an "After School Special" block from 4-4:30pm that will be the station's clone of TRL. Saturday and Sunday afternoons would also be the "Basic Music Format."

From 7pm-4am (as well as weekend mornings) would be divided into programming blocks. I would like to see a variety of music blocks as well as music-related programming (interviews, remotes from performances) during this period. Basically, I'm aiming for diversity and letting the DJs work on the details for their blocks.

There are two primary factors in hiring DJs - 1) knowledge and passion for music and 2) creative use of on-air time. I want the DJs to share in the programming of music, so I want to ensure they know what they are playing, can share info on the music with the public, and have an ear for what b-sides/deep cuts/new music would work best in their playlist for the entertainment of the listeners. I want DJs to have the freedom to talk on the mic and not have a stopwatch running...but I will hire DJs that know when they have a worthwhile bit and when they should just drop the bit and say a few words. I have a romantic love for the overnight talk host (Art Bell, George Norry) and would certainly be open for someone to spend half or more of the overnight hours pontificating and/or taking calls.
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The biggest celebrity I met was Johnny and June Carter Cash while I was hanging out at the Nashville International Airport for a radio stunt where I was handing out roses to strangers.

The most embarrassing moment w/ a celebrity is when I was a total "germ"* and asked Trisha Yearwood for an autograph when she arrived through the garage entrance of the station for a Gerry House event at WSIX in Nashville.

The biggest "OMG, ________ just ________ with/for/to me!" Is tied between hanging out backstage at Louie Louie's in B'ham with Walt Mink and Cracker in...'93(?) AND when Anderson Cooper guest co-hosted "AnKarlo Mornings" in St. Louis in 2001.

* - "Germ" (with a hard "g") is a Nashville term for someone that approaches/bothers celebrities in public. In Nashville, you learn to just enjoy the moment, treat the folks as normal as you can, and let the celeb take the lead.
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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. If you want, you can put 5 subjects/things in the comments and I'll put my reply to any/all of those in a post w/ each person's 5 behind a cut so you can look at all, just yours, or skip the post altogether.

The five I received from [livejournal.com profile] wc_helmets:
1. Your kid's interests )
2. Cinematic Titanic )
3. XTC before vs. after Terry Chambers )
4. Disc Jockey folly )
5. Lotusflow3r )
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To finally dub all the RoadKill stunts I have on DAT to my computer for safe keeping, I'm sitting at my PC desk w/ work on my laptop while the stuff dubs. Below is what I've dubbed today.

RoadKill Drives a Monster Truck - 3min 36sec - If you ever get a chance to drive a monster truck...DO IT!!!

RoadKill Rolls a Yard - 11min 7sec - No, I didn't actually do any damage.

RoadKill's CMA Report - 13min 30sec - No, I wasn't really high on fumes.

RoadKill Goes for the Full Monty - 7min 9sec - Yes, I really was stripping.

RoadKill Passes Out Roses at Airport and Meets Johnny and June Carter Cash - 11min 47sec
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Have I ever mentioned that I'm a character in a historic romance novel? Well, I don't mean that in a Matrix sort of way. I mean that a romance author used my name for a character in one of her novels.

While in St. Louis, we had the romance author Bobbi Smith in the studio for an interview. During the visit, she said that she would use our names in her next novel.

Go out and grab a copy of Eden by Bobbi Smith.

Turn to page 254...

It was then that he saw the small group of Union soldiers coming his way. He tensed and pretended to ignore them.

"Adrian Forrester?" the officer leading the group asked as they stopped before him.

"Yes, I'm Adrian Forrester."

"I'm Captain Cory Berry, and I need you to come with us, please." His tone was cordial, but his hand resting on his sidearm left no doubt that he was serious.

My character didn't get to do any bodice ripping, though. *sigh*

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