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David Wood of WHNT obviously had fun while putting this news segment together about Mullets of Love and my harvesting of the hair last night.

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I wrote the following a little while ago on mulletsoflove.com. It turned a little more emotional than I had intended for that location. Since it is exactly the kind of post I was planning on putting here on LJ, I've decided to just copy/paste it here.

I'm overloaded with nervous excitement about finally reaching this day. The mullet will come off tonight. In just under two years, I've gone from my conservative businessman cut to this shaggy version of a mullet. There were times I questioned why I was growing this beast on my head. There were times I wished I could just go ahead and cut it off. But thanks to prayer and remembering the kids that I hope will benefit from my hair, I was able to sweat my way through this summer, smile my way through my 20th high school reunion, and get to today with a monstrous amount of hair on the back of my head.

I will be getting the hair cut at my Boy Scout troop's weekly meeting tonight. Stephanie Bates, my hair stylist, will be there to take her electric trimmer to the back of my head. Friends and family have been invited to watch. A local TV station and the local newspaper will have folks present to document the moment. In the end, I hope that the effort I've put into this mullet and explaining it to others over the past couple of years will influence others to take steps to increase the amount of charitable work they do. I hope people find ways to integrate helping those around them and the earth we live upon into their everyday life.

I have done nothing spectacular. I just let my hair grow for a while. While the motto I came up with for Mullets of Love is "Business in front, charity in back," I hope it is obvious that charitable work is actually front-and-center for me. It is so easy to worry and criticize society and the world around us. We need more people (not just leaders and "others," but each one of us) to actually take action. When walking to and from the stores this Christmas season, keep a eye out for trash and pick it up. When buying presents, grab one extra one for you to donate to Toys for Tots or other charitable causes. Donate your long hair to Locks of Love or a pint of your blood to the American Red Cross. Spend time visiting with the sick in hospitals or elderly in nursing homes. There are plenty of things each of you can do to help make this world a better place. Just find something that suits you and do it.
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Click the image to access a pdf copy you can print out, pass around, or post elsewhere.

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Here are some shots after my first haircut where the length in back wasn't trimmed short. It feels like my hair is longer and bushier than the pictures show. :/

More like business in front and business casual in back.
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Somewhere in March, I had a few days where I was toying around with the idea of growing a mullet. It has been 20 years since the above picture was taken of me with my mullet. I floated the idea out to JD and had it quickly shot down. We are new to our church and she didn't want to be meeting people for the first time with me having that style. I accepted that and tried to move on, but then a friend of mine donated hair to Locks of Love. The figurative lightbulb popped on above my head.

I am now in the process of growing a mullet for the sake of harvesting it once it gets over 10 inches to donate to Locks of Love. In my doing this, I have registered mulletsoflove.com and will be posting a blog there detailing my hair growth and some info about Locks of Love and the types of children that will be benefiting from my mullet. Hopefully, I should have that blog up and running some time over the next week. Unless I can get others interested, I may have to find some money to set aside for me to get hats and/or t-shirts made up for me to wear. Most likely they will have the motto I've adopted for this effort - "Business in the Front, Charity in the Back" on the front of the t-shirt. I'm checking with Locks of Love to see if it would be a hassle for me to mention their charity. Depending on how they feel about this, I'll either have "Growing mullet to donate hair to Locks of Love" or "Growing mullet to donate hair for charity" (and, yes, if someone would like to provide grammar guidance on the proper prepositions to complete those sentences, I would be appreciative).

I'll update y'all here on any developments.

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