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1. A Charlie Brown Christmas
2. Elf
3. A Christmas Story
4. Love Actually
5. Home for the Holidays/National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The top four are all watched one or more times every December. The last two are watched, at least every other year.
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I'm watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and started wondering who I'd like to see in a new version of the movie. I know some of these folks can sing.

Dr Frank-N-Furter - Hugh Jackman. I would state that John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness) was a close second.
Janet Weiss - Christina Ricci
Brad Majors - Neil Patrick Harris
Riff Raff - Topher Grace
Magenta - Lindsey Lohan
Columbia - Emma Stone
Dr Everett Scott - Paul Giamatti
Rocky - Chris Hemsworth. I know there is someone with big muscles and capable of the blank-eyed dumbness, but this is the best I know. :/
The Criminologist - Alec Baldwin
Eddie - Jack Black

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Where Gang of Four used their music and lyrics to wage a political war on Entertainment, released the same year, Armed Forces doesn't have machine gun guitars and artillery drums. The war is in the lyrics, and it's personal...as in love/relationships. The battlefield is pop love songs. Elvis doesn't break the musical conventions, he embraces them and voices his ill-ease with relationships in the lyrics. I heard songs that made me think of Paul McCartney love songs, but the lyrics were quite the opposite tone as the melody and harmonies portrayed.

Songs I knew I liked: "Accidents Will Happen" and "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?"

Songs I didn't know but now like: "Senior Service," "Party Girls," "Chemistry Class,"

Songs I can go the rest of my life without hearing again: If I had to pick one, probably "Goon Squad."
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Here are my thoughts after seeing the movie twice. The first time in 2D and the second in 3D.

I think it is a movie that creates wonderful fodder for the imagination of fans. Look out' folks, Tron Fan Fic is about to see an explosion. As the movie ends and the protagonist drives into the sunrise, it is obvious that Disney sees quite the future for Tron.

  • Tron: Legacy is a reboot masquerading as a sequel - Everything you need to know about Tron, they tell you in T:L. The world for T:L is based on the one in Tron, but is on "a different grid" and has its own characteristics that differ some from the original. The movie doesn't continue the story from Tron as much as it creates a new beginning (with Tron fitting into the likely new string of movies like "The Magicians Nephew" does to the Chronicles of Narnia or "The Hobbit" in regards to the Lord of the Rings...just this time the pre-quel actually was created first).

  • 2D vs 3D - I have yet to see a 3D movie as impressive as Avatar (the James Cameron one, not Avatar: The Last Airbender). T:L doesn't come close. Is it pretty? Yes. Is it cool? Yes. Is it worth the extra money or going out of your way? I don't think so.

    What I do like about the 3D version is that they decided to take a lesson from The Wizard of Oz. The movie shows the real world in 2D and changes to 3D when in the computer.

  • The Soundtrack - OMG! I gotta do a quick disclaimer that I am a fan of Daft Punk and think of all of the decisions made in the making of T:L, that giving Daft Punk the soundtrack job was by Divine Providence. When watching the movie, there is no doubting (for those familiar with Daft Punk) that they are doing the soundtrack. What also seems obvious to me is that they seemed to be inspired by the work done by Wendy/Walter Carlos for A Clockwork Orange's synthesizer soundtrack. There are two foreboding scenes in T:L that seem ripped from ACO. While I've read a music review that the T:L Soundtrack album is not to be mistaken as a Daft Punk album as it is a soundtrack collection, I have a strong feeling I'm likely to buy it nonetheless.

  • Oh, and 2001:A Space Odyssey influenced the interior design. - The home that Flynn has outside of the grid has an interior that looks ripped from the end of 2001. See!


    Tron: Legacy

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The #1 thing that I HATE about watching movies with Calvin is his constant need to know what is going on, what is about to happen, who everyone is, and other such questions every. minute. of. the. movie. Tonight, I found a way I could enjoy a movie and still be willing to answer every one of his questions. We watched the first 30 minutes of Airplane! on AMC tonight.

I took advantage of the 100 jokes a minute to talk over the jokes I didn't want to explain or have him hear to explain the jokes I felt were fine for him. We had so much fun. There wasn't really anything visual during that portion of the movie, so it was just a matter of what he heard. I've seen the movie a zillion times, so I wasn't really compelled to watch it without stopping and I was able to set up jokes that were about to happen while inappropriate jokes were being told.

Along with explaining the jokes, Calvin now knows about nuns, Hari Krishnas, how movie makers use soundtracks to tell you about moods, IVs, jive/slang, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, shell shock/PTSD, and Ethel Merman.

Star Wars

Apr. 16th, 2010 03:10 pm
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The boys were finally allowed to see Star Wars (I refuse to refer to it as "Episode 4: A New Hope" *puke*). Calvin has always been VERY high strung about fictional drama. He has a meltdown whenever there is any uncertainty to the happiness and well-being of characters. Couple Calvin's personality with JD's observation during her preschool years that every boy that was into Star Wars were always the most ill behaved kids in her classes and we had all the excuses we needed to try to delay our boys' exposure to Star Wars for as long as we could.

We started things off by reading the children's novelization of the entire saga. We've discussed the story with him a bunch, so Calvin knew what would happen once he started the movies. Next, JD and I agreed that 4-6 are much easier and preferred for him to watch. I think we both fear that Calvin could easily turn himself into the whiny ass that Anakin is in 2 and 3.

So, one night this past week, we had movie night and the boys and I sat in the living room and watched the Star Wars DVD (with all of Lucas's extra CGI stuff thrown in). The only thing I skipped because of emotional issues was when Luke returned home and the skeletons of his aunt and uncle are seen. I'm glad to say the viewing was a success and didn't result in a sudden flurry of lightsaber-inspired misbehavior around the house that happened after one of the sets of grandparents let them watch Episode 1 a couple of years ago.
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Entertainment Weekly could save millions in ink and paper expenses if their movie reviewers followed Arlo's lead.

Arlo & Janis
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Calvin (who is usually last to wake up) woke us up this morning that Santa had come overnight and set up a drum kit in the living room. It took a little while before he realized there was also an electric guitar for him (drum kit is Nigel's).

JD has done her best to stock me up on new movies. First off is the Woody Allen Collection with Annie Hall, Bananas, "Everything you always wanted to know about sex* *But were afraid to ask," Interiors, Love & Death, Manhattan, Sleeper, and Stardust Memories. Only Annie Hall is a duplicate DVD. Manhattan will be replacing my widescreen VHS copy. Accompanying this box set was one more Woody movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona, along with Tropic Thunder and The Goonies.

Anyone particularly itching to claim my now redundant DVD of Annie Hall and widescreen VHS of Manhattan?
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For most of my life, "A Christmas Story" has been a beloved Christmas tradition. That movie, however, seems to have slipped a little over the past few years as "Love Actually" has become the movie that I wanna watch.
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JD and I recorded this movie from PPV after getting a couple of certificates for free movies from Dish. We're watching it for the second time and I can't help but find myself enjoying and looking forward to scenes/lines I remember from the first time around. There are some major deficiencies with the movie, but I guess my weakness for Matthew McConaughey and some moments of clever writing is making this a movie I'm likely to watch whenever I come across it on TNT/TBS/USA/Spike in a few years.
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I started watching Superbad last night, but because Harper seems to be teething, I ended up stopping the movie and going to bed frustrated by all the times Harper awoke and I had to go in to ease her back to sleep. My attitude and watching of Jonah Hill led to a continuous presence of his "character" in my dreams last night. Now couple that with a spell during most of the 4am hour when I was in and out of Harper's room numerous times...and I actually woke up at one point to mentally try to reboot my brain and evict that nagging, bitching guy out of my subconscious.

I AM enjoying the movie despite Jonah's character though.
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This is the only Spike Lee movie that I really enjoy. Some other movies had good scenes or some interesting concepts, but Do the Right Thing is a nice, complete movie. I don't (and may never) understand why Mookie made the decision that he makes at the end, but the collection of attitudes and perspectives in the movie makes it good discussion material.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a fan of the original series. Just doesn't do anything for me. I enjoyed ST:TNG and really like ST:Voyager after the first season. Apparently unlike many others, I liked Enterprise. I missed the original airing of the first half of the first season (I think it aired at the same time as two other shows JD/I Tivo'ed) but followed the show closely after that. I saw all the Star Trek movies when they came out until the "time traveling whale" one. I honestly don't think I've watched the remaining "original cast" movies all the way through. I loved the first Star Trek movie with the Next Generation cast, but was slightly less interested when the last movie came out.

My two items back here since they may be spoilery )
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10. Deconstructing Harry - The segment with Robin Williams, where his character is literally out of focus, features witty special effects that perfectly fit with the joke. Judy Davis and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have great performances.

9. What's Up, Tiger Lily? - Mystery Science Theater 3000 decades before the show. This hilarious mash up of martial arts movie and Woody Allen comedy would work well in a double-feature with Airplane! or Zoolander.

8. Bullets Over Broadway - John Cusack in the "Woody" role. Diane Weist is BEYOND over-the-top as this showbiz vamping queen. Jennifer Tilly is perfectly cast!

7. A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy - Intelligent humor mixed with romance and folly.

6. Sleeper - Is the future going to be as bleak and lacking in human connection as it is depicted here...or is the future only emotionally bleak because this is a Woody Allen movie? This early comedy is probably the most "complete" of his early films; the plot comes together nicely into a central story and theme without an abundance of side gags and random twists.

5. Crimes & Misdemeanors - I did a paper on this movie in college focusing on the issue of justice. I could have written an analysis on many other aspects of this story with characters in various shades of gray. I think Angelica Huston's character had what was coming to her, though. ;)

4. Love and Death - More evidence that there is intelligence behind the comedian's silly goofs and one-liners.

3. Manhattan - It is one of the highest of cinematic sins to not ALWAYS watch this movie in widescreen. This movie is a beautifully shot film. I love the story. Besides, what guy doesn't desire to grope Mariel Hemingway?

2. Hannah and Her Sisters - This is probably closer to being tied with first as opposed to placing second. This was probably the first Woody Allen movie I saw. I completely became a fan of Diane Weist from this movie and was thrilled that she made it into more of Woody's movies. What a fantastic ensemble piece.

1. Annie Hall - It's really damn hard not to pick this as my favorite. Iconic scenes, superb chemistry, and a fascinating cast elevate an earnest love story that I lurve. Because of this movie, I will never let Christopher Walken drive me anywhere at night.
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JD's parents came over last night so we could leave Harper with them and catch a movie. We went to the Rave Motion Pictures (Suck It, Regal!) and watched "Tropic Thunder."

If you like CRUDE humor, go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you enjoyed any of the Ben Stiller creations, go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you love Robert Downey, Jr., go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you want an action movie spoof that breaks from the Airplane/Scary Movie-formula, go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you are jonesing for heroin, booty sweat, or Diet Coke, go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you wouldn't believe that it takes a fat suit to make Tom Cruise the size of a normal adult male, go see "Tropic Thunder.
If you still cackle at Nick Nolte's mugshot, go see "Tropic Thunder.

If you only disagree with two or three of the above statements, this is, at least worth renting. If you disagree with more than five of the above, you REALLY must avoid this movie at all costs - it will make your eyeballs rot and fall out of your skull before the opening credits arrive.

Meme Time!

Jul. 10th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Movie Meme )
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A friend recently asked for reading recommendations. I had to share my love for the stories of Elmore Leonard. He has a gift for creating multi-dimensional characters that have superb dialog involved in witty stories that always swerve enough to keep you uncertain on what is going to happen next. While there have been some really HORRIBLE movies "based" on his books, here are trailers of movies that were obviously made by fans of the author.

Jackie Brown - Right in the middle of my Top 10 Favorite Movies. Tarantino and Elmore Leonard were a perfect match. I keep praying the two will pair up again. This movie is based on the novel Rum Punch.

Out of Sight - There are a few slow parts, but the edits and style of this film are great with the story.

Get Shorty - Probably the one that had the most mainstream success.
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I took time away from work today so I could take both boys to see Horton Hears a Who at Rave today. It was Nigel's first trip to a movie theater. Calvin saw Curious George a couple of years ago at the Hollywood 18. He caught about 45 minutes of it. Then there was the 5-8 minutes of Mr. Bean's Holiday, where we arrived late and took the last pair of seats - in the very front left corner.

JD and I caught the movie opening weekend and really thought it was as close to perfect for the boys. For the past week, we've been reading the story to them and watching the trailer online. With Calvin, we gave him some heads-up on jokes (and their references) to lessen the "why was that funny? what did he say?" questions during the showing.

Today went exceptionally well. We got there early and the lady in the box office was certain that Nigel was only 2 years old, so he got in free. Calvin picked out our seats. Nigel was mesmerized by the huge screen and just followed our lead. Calvin took us near the top and insisted on having the aisle seat in the center section. We shared the <400 person auditorium w/ three other groups of families w/ toddlers to tweens, so I was very pleased to lose all concern about the boys being loud.

Although the boys covered their ears to survive the movie previews, they were able to enjoy the movie without hiding. Calvin would verbally note parts of the movie he recognized from the trailer. Nigel had either 2 or 3 false alarms before he actually peed when I took him to the bathroom during the movie. Calvin was glued in his seat for the whole feature.

We left the theater triumphant and thrilled with the experience.

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