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If you think my love for XTC is wasted on a obscure band (in America, at least) without any hit songs (in America, at least), then you don't need to read the rest of this blog post.
Background info about Kowanko you probably should know... )

So, today became a day that I got distracted with hearing Kowanko and decided to scour the net again. While at kowanko.com, I clicked the Mailto link and sent the following:

Subject: Love your music
Body: Every now and then I send off a note in hopes it will reach you, Chris. I have been a fan since the Morgan Creek album (I even bought a second copy to ensure I will never go without those songs). Today I found myself obsessing with your music again. I have listened to the Monsterbuck (songs) but haven't had any luck finding any downloads or CD/vinyl copies of that music.

Anyways, just another note from me to say that I love your music and yearn for more. May 2013 be filled with blessings for you.


I nearly pissed my pants in front of a bunch of Boy Scouts this evening when I went to turn the volume off on my phone, noticed I had a new email, and saw the following:

Subject: RE: Love your music
Body: HI Cory,
Thanks so much. I'll send you some cds. I'm assuming you don't have the monsterbuck stuff, i.e. Land of Makebelievers, and Jockey Down?
Do you have Spell? (We're stil working on the third Monsterbuck collection...)

What's your address? I'll drop them in the mail and let the postal service take it from there. It's absolutely my gift. Perhaps yo may be able to help me get a show or house concert in your vicinity...I do plan on getting out in the future.

Meanwhile, all the best!


Dare I begin to dream of Chris coming and playing in Huntsville? Oh, I would love for him to play at Lowe Mill one evening. *starts to drift off imagining Chris performing on the grassy area next to the water tower as the sun sets one early fall evening.* :)

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