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If you are in Huntsville and need any car work done, please take your vehicle to Chek-Ups Plus on South Parkway at the Logan/Lily Flagg intersection (next to Lite 96.9FM and in front of Kroger). I always try to find a nearby local mechanic and I'm SOOOOOO glad that I have this place so close to my home. Over the past few years, they have fixed a coolant problem, replaced a cracked manifold, fixed tires, performed a couple of oil changes, and other tasks I decided not to do myself.

The service has been superb, the prices are good, and I'm pleased with the quality of their work. I don't think I've even seen the place not packed with cars and none the less had my repairs done very quickly.

Today, JD calls me from the preschool parking lot. One of her tires went flat. Sam's (where the tires were bought) paperwork told me they won't fix road damage as part of the warranty, so I decided to go to Chek-Ups Plus. I called and the guy said for me to come by now and he could take care of it quickly. I was in the waiting room less than 10 minutes when he came to fetch me. Everything was taken care of - they found and removed the small screw in the tread, patched the tire, filled it w/ air, and checked the other 3 tires for me. OH, and they did that for free. In and out in 15 minutes, spending zero dollars. You bet I'm going back with repairs that will actually require payment!

Chek-Ups Plus Auto Service
8400 South Memorial Parkway

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