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Man, I gotta say that the segue from Arcade Fire's Funeral to The Boss's Darkness on the Edge of Town was rather smooth...and somewhat painful. Both albums could serve as a soundtrack for a musical. There is no shortage of drama in these two albums.

If you are familiar with his music, there isn't anything shocking here. Darkness... contains the full range of The Boss's roots rock opera style. The production doesn't sound quite as elaborate as it has been on other albums. There is also a weariness in Bruce's voice on this album (especially “Badlands”) that add a sense of sadness to the anthems and tragedy to the ballads. Considering how feisty he is on so many of the songs, his ranting seems to have run him ragged.

Songs I Knew I Liked: None

Songs I Now Like: I'll say it. I truly like “Prove It All Night”. I now like two of Bruce's songs (“Glory Days”).

Songs I Don't Want to Ever Hear Again: “Adam Raised a Cain” gets this designation mostly because the bellowed chorus and tedious lead guitar.

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