Dec. 7th, 2015

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I was really pleased with this live performance time capsule. It sounds great, the vocals and guitar are sublime, the band sounds tight, and BB's interaction with the crowd should be studied by people wanting to be the frontman for their band.

The songs contain a great amount of energy. Whether it is the enthusiasm of the band, the passion of BB's performance, or the screaming of the crowd, even slow blues numbers kept my attention and had me bouncing.

Songs I Knew I Liked: Wasn't familiar with these specific live versions, but knew some of the tunes.

Songs I Now Like: None of the songs stood out in particular. This is a work as a whole for me.

Songs I Don't Want to Ever Hear Again: None I feel compelled to skip.
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Blondie comes out speeding along with the first two tracks on Parallel Lines, playing angular New Wave. But after that, they follow a similar path of the Ramones of taking classic rock and roll sounds from 60's girl groups and doing their own take. “Pretty Baby” is probably the most blatant song in that mold.

I must confess I was really disappointed with this album. It isn't as quirky as the B-52's. It's not as raw as the Ramones. What it has going for it is Top 40 accessibility and a diverse sound over the course of the album, while still all fitting inside of New Wave.

Songs I Knew I Liked: “One Way or Another” and “Heart of Glass”

Songs I Now Like: “Will Anything Happen”

Songs I Don't Want to Ever Hear Again: “I Know But I Don't Know” annoys me as a strange combo of B-52's and Rush.

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